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Mon Diye Jaye Chena - A Bengali Short Story By Sudipuddin Srirampuri (মন দিয়ে যায় চেনা ...) | Bengali Online Magazine

Sudip Basu - WBRi Online Bangla MagazineWashington Bangla Radio Online Bengali Magazine presents "Mon Diye Jaye Chena" - a Bengali short story by Sudipuddin Srirampuri. This post is in Unicode Bengali font.

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Sandip Ray's Hitlist (2009) Bengali Movie

Hit List 2009 Poster

WBRi Kolkata Tube - the original Bengali movie blog promoting Bangla film in the USA - exclusive review of forthcoming Sandip Ray bangla movie "Hit List". Watch the promo trailer.

STAR Jalsha - Kuheli - The Truth Is Out There ?

A still from Kuheli (STAR Jalsha) Bengali TV Series

Kuheli is a Bengali TV Horror show series aired on the popular Indian Bangla STAR Jalsha TV Channel at 9:30 PM on Fridays. Each episode is a full-length telefilm (remember the Zee Horror Show ?). A beautiful young lady journalist is paired with a CID Inspector (CID is the Criminal Investigation Department, an Indian government agency roughly parallel to the FBI), and the pair get involved in various kinds of supernatural and extraordinary incidents involving ghosts, spooks, psychic phenonmena and the whole gamut.

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Vivek Oberoi is the one in Prince It's Showtime (2010) Upcoming Hindi Movie - Stills and Theatrical Trailer Release

Prince It's Showtime posterBy all accounts, this is going to be one slick Hollywood-style production, with packaging, special effects and general presentation at par with any movie that is obviously inspired by the Wachowski brothers.

The theatrical preview trailer is fascinating to watch. You almost ask the question ... and then you get the answer to the question "What would have happened if Jason Bourne andNeo were rolled into one character ?"

Bengali TV Actress MANALI DEY - Mouri of STAR TV's Bou Kotha Kao moves on to Bengali Sci-Fi thriller RAJDROHI

bou kotha kao star jalsha still
Still from Bou Kotha Kao (c) STAR Group Ltd.

Those who follow the STAR Jalsha TV Serial "Bou Katha Kao" are familiar with the character of "Mouri". This role is played by actress Manali Dey, who will break into the world of Tollywood cinema with her first role in a full length bengali feature film in the upcoming Bangla Sci-Fi thriller Rajodrohi.

Ishqiya (2010)

Vidya balanTwo buddies played by Nasiruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi are living their life their own, albeit unscruplous, way, driving around in a car with a little naked woman dangling under the rear view, dancing around with bottles of beer and guns in their hand. In a land where you live by the gun and die by the gun, the two buddies commit a heist, and run from the law into the shelter of a beautiful young widows house, and into more danger.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Sarod), Subhankar Banerjee (Tabla) - North Indian Hindustani Classical Live Concert, Kolkata, Nov 21 2009

North Indian Hindustani Classocal Instrumental - Ustad Amjad Ali Khan - Sarod - Live Performance
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Sarod), Subhankar Banerjee (Tabla), Chaiti Halder (Tanpura)
11/21/2009, Kolkata

On 21st November, 2009 evening , the West Bengal Motion Picture Artists Forum in association with Basanti Bidyabithi opened a portal on Tollywood, The Bengal Film Industry at Science City Auditorium, Kolkata in the graceful presence of eminent actors Soumitro Chatterjee, Madhabi Mukherjee, Lili Chakraborty, Haradhan Banerjee and Ranjit Mullick.

After the opening of the portal, the program continued with Sarod Recital by Ustad Amzad Ali Khan. Tabla Maestro Subhankar Banerjee accompanied him along with Chaiti Halder on the Tanpura.

Read about this wonderful Kolkata program and listen to Ustad Amjad Ali Khan playing north Indian classical instrumental Sarod.

WBRi exclusive report by Subhomoy Mukherjee, Washington Bangla Radio, Kolkata

Nilratan Kanjilal - Bengali Folk and Baul Songs

Nilratan Kanjilal - Bengali Baul Songs SingerA pretty village in the district of Faridpur in the undivided Bengal (Now in Bangladesh), NILRATAN KANJILAL was born there on 1st March 1944. He is the eldest son of Late Satish Chandra and Kaushalya who both were in born folk singer. They both used to sing village songs in almost all of their daily sphere of working life. Thus Sri Kanjilal got an inherited sense of music. His grand mother could present mythological stories in an impressive manner through instantly creation lyrics. The grand mother thus made an influence directly to her grand son since childhood towards music.

Listen to Nilratan Kanjilal's Bengali classic folk songs online.

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Bengali Poem by Nilotpal Sanyal - আছি এক হয়ে | WBRi Online Bengali Magazine

Nilotpal Sanyal - Bengali Poetry | Bangla KobitaA poem "আছি এক হয়ে" by Nilotpal Sanyal - in unicode Bangla font. Nilotpal Sanyal is from a family (of north Calcutta) where music and literature are understood in several of their forms. Currently he is a doctoral student at University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA.

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The Crucial Moment - A short story by Dr. Ratan Lal Basu


Short Story by Dr. Ratanlal Basu

The crucial moment – lurking menacingly behind the overhanging veil of smog, stretching slowly out its awesome tentacles like a gigantic octopus and waiting patiently to pounce upon its prey. I’m ensnared, would in no time be drawn into the fold of the monster. The horror shoots up my spine, oozes out and encompasses the ambience. It’s there in the pale yellow of the building, wavering against the mellow dusk light beyond the veil of smog. I’m inescapably caught like a fish hooked tightly. Like the poor fish I would writhe, squirm, jump, circle and struggle by all conceivable means to ineffectually let go of the hook and more I struggle more firmly would the hook get riveted in me. As a last resort I might probably try to break the line by running away fast and the demon, like a deft angler, would give line until I wear off all my ability to move any further and then the final pull would drag me along limp into the fathomless horror. I could have dived into it right away and rid the agony of waiting, but the abiding horror failed me. It’s silly, I thought; I’ve brains unlike the fish and I know fully well I’ve to encounter it eventually ...

Friends Of Fusion debut album launched - Neel Dutt, Arko Mukherjee, Rajkumar, Deboprotim Bakshi, Bijit Mukherjee

Arko Mukherjee, who you might recall as the singer of Maula in the film soundtrack from Madly Bengali (2009), Neel Dutt (yes - the son of the great Anjan Dutta who sang Tania in the same soundtrack as well as composed and directed the music for the movie), Rajkumar, Deboprotim Bakshi and Bijit Mukherjee have gotten together as the "Friends of Fusion". The debut album of Friends of Fusion, simply titled after the band's name, has been released under the Saregama (erstwhile HMV) label.

Mata Agemeswari Puja in Shantipur - WBRi Special Report

Around 600 years ago, when the entire Bengal, Orissa and Assam were flooded with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Baishnaba Religion, Krishnananda Agambagish – descendant of Late Mathura Goswami, the elder son Adwaitya Mahaprabhu, Teacher and coworker of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, started to worship Shakti at their Nabadwip residence.

WBRi Washington Bagla Radio coverage of historic events in Bengal. WBRi KOLKATA TUBE promotes Bengali movies in the USA - contact us today.

Ashanti | An Alumnorum Societas Presentation | Kolkata, India - Nov 26, 2009

Ashanti Kolkata Show


Date – 26.11.2009 – (Thursday)

Venue – St. Xavier’s School Grounds.

Time – 6 PM.

David Lynch to shoot film about Transcendental Meditation guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India

Oscar nominated David Lynch (Mulholland Dr.) will make a film about Transcendental Meditation (TM) guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, according to reports.

He will reportedly visit India next month in this connection. This documentary film about the life and teachings/knowledge of Maharishi will involve interviews with people, including a 97-year man associated with Maharishi, reports suggest.

Comedy Circus Teen Ka Tadka - Sony TV Show

Teen Ka Tadka Comedy Circus Sony TV Indian Hindi Show

3 Ka Tadka is a popular reality comedy TV program aired on Sony Entertainment TV Channel in India on Saturdays at 10 PM Indian time.

Watch Indian TV Hindi Programs online live broadcast 24x7 direct from India.

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