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Indian-American Model Chinal Patel Enters the B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt

Chinal Patel (WBRI)

The gorgeous sultry model is known to possess the specific attitude that many designers or fashion directors look for. Acclaimed for being adaptable, flexible, stylish, versatile and hard working, Chinal is also good at understanding and flawlessly following directions. She is particularly impressive in her ability to carry herself confidently wearing all types of clothing in various  styles.

Indian-American Model Urmila Indiran Participates in the B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt

Urmila Indiran (WBRI)

Meet Urmila Indiran from Princeton, New Jersey (friends call her "Mila"). Attractive and photogenic, she comes from an ethnic Indian background. She is a full-time professional model and a participant in the Jewel of India B4U Calendar Hunt.

Nazia Jahan - Opulent Bengali-American Actress and Model Participates in B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt

Bangladeshi American Actress Model NAZIA JAHAN [WBRi Washington Bangla Radio USA]

Connecticut based Nazia Jahan is an ethnic Bengali from Bangladesh. Her trade is Information Technology, but acting is her passion and first love. She is also a model, a television presenter and a dancer.

Indian-American Model Umang Baid Participates in B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt

Indian-American Fashion Model Umang Baid in B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt [WBRI Washington Bangla Radio USA]

Umang enjoyed all the takes and re-takes and the camera attention and has given her best to showcase her obvious talent. "I truly believe that the B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt is one of the best platforms that happened to me which will boost my confidence and help me to explore more and go bigger in the modeling industry", she adds.

Indian-American Fashion Model Umang Baid in B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt [WBRI Washington Bangla Radio USA]

Dolly Patel Competes in SAPNA South Asian Princess North America 2013 Pageant

Dolly Patel

Dolly PatelWashington, DC, March 5, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Dolly Patel is a small-town girl from Gujarat, India whose parents decided to migrate to the United States in order to give her and her brother the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and ambition. Dolly initially considered a career as a pediatrician, however she decided to venture into the field of Biology. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, eating healthy, shopping, traveling and networking.

Actress & Philanthropist JYOTI SINGH Participates in South Asian Princess North America 2013 Pageant

Jyoti Singh

Jyoti Singh (WBRi Interview) was born in Dehra Dun, UP, India.  She moved to the USA in 1987.  After completing high school and college, she moved to New York.  She comes from an affluent background.  Her father is an ex-engineer commanding officer who served in the Indian Army and her mother comes from the Royal Family of Mahiar, MP.  She has two sisters, Ketki and Gauri Singh, and is married to a physician.  From very early on, Jyoti wanted to help the people in this world and make a difference in society, so she ended up graduating with a Nursing Degree.  Before entering the acting world, she worked for American Red Cross, then a psychiatrist and then a speech pathologist.

Kavita Shah Competes in SAPNA South Asian Princess North America Pageant 2013

Kavita Shah

Kavita Shah is a very kind and caring girl. She is 17 years old and lives in New Jersey. Her real full name is Kavita Shah, but friends and family call her Nishi. She is participating in the 2013 SAPNA South Asian Princess North America beauty pageant in Delaware. Meet Kavita on WBRi.

Young Model "Shahrukh" Shahroz Ali Participates at South Asian Prince North America 2013 Pageant

Shahroz Ali

Shahroz Ali

Washington, DC, Feb 27, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) His real full name is Shahroz Ali, but friends call him Ali and some named him Shahrukh as they say his smile resembles Shahrukh Khan's famous dimple smile.

Miss India International Prerana Patel Participates in SAPNA South Asian Princess North America 2013 Pageant

Prerana Patel

Washington, DC, March 1, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Prerana Patel is a Doctor of Pharmacy student at Long Island university, Brooklyn and a member of a US Army Reserve for 4 yrs. She grew up in Gujarat, India before moving to the United States.

Prerana Patel

Prerana won the Miss India International New York and subsequently the Miss India International 2011 crowns in 2011. She has been awarded for The Best Interview and has had great success at her service platform to prevent animal cruelty and help local shelters in the tri-state area with adoption and fund raising events in which over $8000 worth of goods/animal food was donated in less than a year.

Prerana Patel

Award-Winning Model PRAKASH PATIL Competes at South Asian Prince North America 2013 Pageant

Prakash Patil

Fashion is the passion of Prakash Patil and he loves working in the fashion world. "I wish to network with people and share knowledge", says the handsome young man. Other than fashion, he is also active in pursuing his interests in music, dance and photography.

Prakash Patil

Prakash is from Mumbai, India. Born and brought up in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, he completed Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, Pune and Masters in Business Administration in USA. He has worked in IT software sector with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Cognizant, TCS and more.

Singer, Actor, Director and Producer KASHIF SOHAIL Competes at South Asian Prince North America 2013 Pageant

Kashif Sohail

Kashif Sohail was born in Sialkot, Pakistan. He is very sophisticated, highly self motivated, enthusiastic, disciplined, goal-oriented, organized, resourceful, personable, nice, friendly, dashing, ambitious, dedicated, elegant, determined, passionate, hardworking, 6’-2’ tall and strong professional.

Fashion Designer Renuka Malhi Participates in SAPNA South Asian Princess North America 2013 Pageant and Fashion Show

Renuka Malhi

Washington, DC, March 1, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Renuka Malhi is from New York. Born in the North Indian city of Ludhiana, she holds Masters Degrees in Literature and in Fashion, and a handful of diplomas in Interior Design and IT. Other than fashion designing, Renuka is an acclaimed and enthusiastic poet, artist and Interior Designer.

She discovered the meaning of the word AMBITION at the age of 8 when she realized that, in her words, "I am born for a reason to do something remarkable in life. Slowly I started to invent the qualities inside me and started my journey on stage by participating and winning several Painting competitions, Folk Dance programs, Won many awards as an ALTHLETE and then moved on to Fashion Shows and Choreographies. My academic life has been very interesting and went through many different recognizable stages."

In addition to the awards mentioned above, Renuka also won two Pageants during her college life which gave a big boost to her confidence. She is known for her Leadership qualities, optimism and strong confident personality which is the key to her achievements.

She is also known for her pleasant accommodating nature and a strong Fashion sense which sets examples.

Read all about Renuka on WBRi.

Satya Jyothi Kovvuri Debuts by Participating at South Asian Princess North America 2013 Pageant

Satya Jyothi Kovvuri

Satya Jyothi Kovvuri  is from Kakinada, a small town in Andhra Pradesh. First in a family of 3 kids, she always had encouragement from her parents to explore the world beyond academics. Her Dad was and is her biggest influence and motivator in her life – he is the one who taught her to visualize beyond what is visible to the naked eye. A triple gold medalist in her Bachelors in Computer Science and Systems Engineering, she moved to the United States for her Masters in Computer Science from University of Miami, Florida.

Interview: URVASHI RAUTELA - Contestant from India at Miss Universe, Las Vegas, USA in an Intimate Chat with Marian Chatterjee

Urvashi Rautela - WBRI Washington Bangla Radio Exclusive

Urvashi Rautela - WBRI Washington Bangla Radio Exclusive

In this exclusive wide-ranging audio interview with WBRi Washington Bangla Radio's Marian Chatterjee, Miss Universe contestant from India Urvashi Rautela talks candidly about her remarkable career, her excitement, goals, hopes, aspirations, role models and crushes.

Riteish Deshmukh Celebrates Birthday on Sets of Housefull 3

Riteish Deshmukh - Birthday

‘Housefull 3’ set witnessed a big birthday bash for Riteish Deshmukh with Akshay Kumar, Sajid Nadaidwala, Abhishek Bachchan, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Haydon and director jodi Sajid Farhad celebrated the birthday boy’s special day. What more, his good friend Aditya Thackeray too stopped by to wish him as well

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