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Bangla (Bengali) Audio Lesson Online | Listen to Audio Bengli Tutorial | Teach your child / kid Bangla language of Bengal

Sixth grade students of International School Dhaka created this podcast to teach basic conversational Bangla (Bengali).

Teach your kids to speak the following Bengali phrases. Teach your kids to speak the following Bengali / Bengali phrases. Play and Listen to the free audio lesson online.

  1. My name is ...
  2. What is your name ?
  3. How are you ?
  4. Thank You
  5. I am sorry
  6. Where are the keys
  7. Please hold the door open
  8. I am going home
  9. Be quiet
  10. Go see Mr Benum
  11. Break time is over
  12. Where is your pencil ?
  13. Where is your book ?
  14. I love you

Joydhak - The Online Bengali (Bangla) Magazine - Vol 1 Issue 6

Icchamoti & Joydhak are among the most read Bangla (Bengali) magazines published by Calcuttans with top readership from USA. Send your contribution and refer Joydhak & Ichchamoti to your friends and family. Write for Bangla Webzine Joydhak & Icchamoti. Washington Bangla Radio is proud to have as friends these top quality magazines with best readership in the USA. If you want to contribute, please use our Contact form - we will get you in touch with the editors.

Bengali Online Magazine
Vol 1 Issue 6, June 2009
Bangla Bengali Online Magazine ezine webzine patrika journal periodical

The 6th internet edition of the online Bangla children's quarterly magazine has just been published. As always, you will spend quite a few wonderful hours reading this edition, irrespective of your age. Just in time for the beautiful (?) rainy season in Bengal, this edition contains a bunch of stories, comics, puzzles, sports and so on.

The following is what the editors (Joydhaki Dada-ra!)say about this issue:

Our Bengal | New Bengali Online Magazine / Bangla eZine / Bengali Webzine | Banglar Emotion Bangalir e-Patrika

Our Bengal

"Our ... Bengal" is a great new Bengali Online Magazine published at the URL www.ourbengal.com.  It is a welcome addition to the excellent and growing number of Bangla Online Magazines (eZines). Their debut issue is now online, and in an open letter, the editors have expressed their vision and their path forward. The Bengali Webzine will publish an eclectic mix of articles and reviews, including stories, poems, essays, plays, film and movie reviews, politics, a little magazine section, and of course Rabindranath Tagore related content.

Washington Bangla Radio wishes all the best to this great endeavor. Please visit their website and check out their wonderful effort.

Calcutta Bengali Bangla Books E-Books Online | WBRi India West Bengal Kolkata Book Recommendations | Bangla Boi Selections

1000s of Bengali / Bangla Bangla Books & E-Books Online - Kolkata India West Bengal Books / Bangla Boi on the internet. Kindle / E-Book / Hardcover / Softcover / No Cover / Chenra boi / Notun boi / Purano Boi - everything available now on the internet from WBRi Online Book Store.

Singing to the Goddess: Poems to Kali and Uma from Bengal. Ramprasadi & Nazrulgeeti Lyrics. WBRi Online Bookstore Selection.

Devotional Songs Book | WBRi Online Book Store RecommendationAvailable in Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle Editions, this collection presents 164 brief Bengali lyric poems dedicated to the Hindu goddesses Kali and Uma by thirty-seven representative poets. These poems, many of which are presented here for the first time in English translation, were written from the early eighteenth century up to the contemporary period. Included are forty-eight poems by the most famous of all Sakta poets, Ramprasad Sen (c.1718-1775) and ten lyrics by the renowned 20th-century poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. The book begins with an introduction that places these works in their historical context and shows how images of the goddesses evolved over the centuries. These poems evoke the passion and devotion of the followers of Kali and Uma and shed light on the history and practice of goddess worship.

Bollywood Nights, Superstar India, Regen in Bombay, Socialite Evenings & others | Shobhaa De | WBRi Bookstore Featured Author

Shobha De was born to a Marathi (Maharashtrian, i.e. from the State of Maharashtra in India, in which Mumbai, the capital city, is the seat of Bollywood Indian Hindi "Masala" Movies) Brahmin family. Her maiden name is Shobha Rajadhyaksha. Shobha was a successful model till the early seventies, after which she picked up the pen to write.

Shobaa Dey has  been a freelance writer and columnist for various journals, magazines and newspapers (she is the founder and Editor of the popular magazines Stardust, Society and Celebrity), as well as the author of quite a few interesting and occassionally controversial books, which are the subject of this WBRi Online Bookstore Special Focus.

Shobha has a degree in psychology from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

Calcutta Children's Book Fair | Crossword Kolkata | Promoting the Habit of Reading rather than Books

Crossword is a book store that opened in Kolkata, West Bengal, India around five years ago. The address is 8, Elgin Road. (Whatever happened to Dasgupta on College Street ?) Crossword is about to open a second book store in Calcutta in City Center 2.

To celebrate their five whole years in Kolkata, Crossword is organizig a Children's Calcutta Book Fair in May. A Telegraph article on April 20, 2009 quotes Sidharth Pansari of Crossword on one of the purposes of the book shop being to instill in children "the habit of reading, rather than books". Crossword has a huge section devoted to books for children for this purpose.

Visit our online Bookstore to excellent books from great authors at online discount prices.

Ragas of Northern Indian Music. Theory Of Indian Ragas. Selected Recommendations from WBRi Online Bookstore. Know your own Music

Discover and learn all about the great heritage of one of the oldest musical traditions of human civilization - the South Asian / Indian Classical Music tradition. You can listen free to samples online and download classical songs, music, vocal and instrumental records and CDs from the new web site Shastriya.com. In the meanwhile, we recommend the following selection of books which you may want to buy and read from our online Bookstore.

Latest Kolkata Event | Summer Camp | Journey Into Outer Space | Mad Science and NASA | NASA Space Academy Camp, Calcutta

As part of the Mad Science Summer Camp, Mad Science Kolkata & the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) of the USA have partnered to bring the excitement and wonder of space to Calcutta at the NASA Space Academy Camp.

Venue: Mad Science Activity Center, B 184 Survey Park, Kolkata

Call 24164342 or visit madscienceofkolkata.com for more information.

Buy a couple of books on space - discover the fascinating world of stars and galaxies and our fragile planet in the vastness.

Craft Workshop for Children in Kolkata by Starmark | Clay Modelling, Paper Art, Sand Art & Patachitra (scroll painting)

Date: May 19 - 22
10.30 am - 12.30 pm:
Organizer: Starmark
Starmark, G-202 City Centre, Salt Lake;

A craft workshops for Calcutta children:

  • clay modelling
  • paper art
  • sand art
  • patachitra (scroll painting)

Clay Modelling and related arts & craft creativity is great for your children - get your kid off the TV set and unleash their creative minds. Attend the Clay Modelling Arts & Crafts workshop event in Kolkata arranged by Starmark in Salt Lake City Center.

If you live outside Calcutta, do not fret - check out these great books and have fun with your child creating clay models. Recommended by WBRi, available online now from WBRi Book Store.

Bangla Internet Book Store | The Menagerie and Other Byomkesh Bakshi Mysteries | Saradindu Bandyopadhyay

Online Bengali Books | Store | Buy Online Bangla Magazined & Books | WashingtonBanglaRadio.com affiliateBuy the book "The Menagerie and Other Byomkesh Bakshi Mysteries" online from our Internet Bengali Magazine & Book Shop - click on the link below to visit our online book store, open 24x7.

Bengali Magazine & Book Online Store | The Feluda Stories | Satyajit Ray | Childrens' Book - Ages 8 - 12 | Best Value Deal Cheap

The Feluda Stories
by Satyajit Ray
Penguin, India, 1988.
First published in Bengali by Ananda Publishers, 1971

This book is a collection of crime investigation / detecive stories starring Feluda and his partners, Topshe and Jatayu, set in Calcutta.The collection is unbeatable in value and includes:

Buy this Feluda collection online from Bangla Online Book Shop: click on the link below.

Bangla Internet Book Store | Incident on the Kalka Mail - The Adventures of Feluda | Satyajit Ray | Baksho Rahasya

Online Bengali Books | Store | WashingtonBanglaRadio.com affiliate"Incident on the Kalka Mail" is a top-notch Feluda novel by Satyajit Ray, translated into English by Gopa Mazumder and published by Puffin Books, this is actually the Feluda Bengali Novel "Baksho Rahosshyo" which is the second Feluda novel with Jatayu / Lalmohan Ganguly. Baksho Rahasya was made into a New Bengali Movie of the same name by Sandip Ray, the son of Satyajit Ray (the English name for the movie is "A Mysterious Case" - I assume by "Case", a detective case as well a Suitcase are implied.)

In the intriguing story, two gentlemen on a train inadvertantly (or at least so in the first glance) end up with their suitcases (luggage) swapped. One of the suitcases (Baksho) contains an invaluable manuscript, the importance of which was largely unknow to the owner of that suitcase. Nefarious elements try to obtain that priceless manuscript, and Feluda has to deploy the full powers of his cranium and fire-power to keep them at bay.

Buy the book from Online Bangla Book Store using the link below.

Online Bengali Book Store | Emperor's Ring - The Adventures of Feluda | Satyajit Ray | * The First Feluda Novel *

Online Bengali Books | Store | WashingtonBanglaRadio.com affiliateThis is the English Translation of Badshahi Angti, the first Feluda novel by Satyajit Ray originally published in 1969. Feluda & Topshe accompany Topshe's father on vacation to the historic city of Lucknow. They encounter some pretty interesting personalities, including Dr. Srivastav who had just received as a present a valuable Royal ring (Angti) from his buddy Pyeralal who was dying. Dr Srivastav's house was recently burgled, and he feared for the ring. Feluda also comes across a colorful fellow named Banbehari Sarkar with exotic and dangerous pets. The story revolves around dissapearance, protection and retrieval of the ring.

Buy this authentic book from Bengali Online Genuine Book Shop securely and with confidence: click on the link below.

Online Bengali Book Store | The Adventures Of Feluda - The Bandits Of Bombay | Genuine Books From Authentic Legal Shop | Secure

English Translation of the iconic Feluda story "Bombaiyer Bombete" (বোম্বাইর বোম্বেটে in Bangla)  that was made into a movie recently by Sandip Ray, son of the legendary Hindi & Bengali Film director Satyajit Ray, starring Sabyasachi Chakraborty As Feluda, Parambrata Chatterjee As Topshe, Bibhu Bhattacharya As Jatayu, Ashish Vidyarthi As Gopinath Gorey, Rajatava Dutta, Joy Badlani, Paran Bandyopadhyay As Pulok Ghoshal, Anjan Srivastava, Rajesh Sharma and Mohan Sethi. In this story, Jatayu / Lalmon Ganguly's move director buddy Pulak Ghosal embarks on shooting a movie based on a crime thriller written by Jatayu in Mumbai. Feluda, Topshe and Jatayu are invited to the Bombay for the shooting, and get involved with the Bombay underworld and crimes committed.

Buy the book online from Bangla Book Shop - secure transaction, genuine books, authenticity assured - have peace of mind. Click here.