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A unique effort in reinforcing self-confidence and unleashing creativity in economically disadvantaged Bengali Children

India  Child EducationJoydhak - the group that publishes a top Bengali children's online magazine of the same title, continues to make interesting and practical contributions towards energizing and inspiring coming generations of Bengalis by organizing unique camps and workshops for children of Bengal who are growing up in rural and semi-rural, often economically challenged, areas.

The editor of Joydhak brought to our attention the fascinating experiment called "Sishu Kishore Vikaas Mela" (Children's Development Fair) - a series of annual camps and workshops, started a dozen years ago.

Chandmama (Bengali) - Chandamama - Read the Classic Indian Children's Magazine Online Free in 9 Languages

Chandamama Free Childrens Magazine OnlineDo you miss the Chandamama magazine that you grew up with ? Remember the days you could not wait for the next issue ? Even grown-ups would compete with you to get to a hot new just-delivered issue first !

Thanks to the efforts of the folks who publish Chandmama and the folks who invented the internet (40 years ago!), you can now read the Chandamama magazine online for free. No question at all this will cause you to take nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Joydhak workshop on non formal education - a unique experiment taking place in Nadia district, West Bengal

Priyabala Vidyavithi, Asannagar, Nadia

The editors and the team who publish the excellent Joydhak Bengali Children's Online Magazine also keep conducting workshops with children belonging to various non formal educational formations across rural Bengal. The idea is to study the patterns and suggest improvement.

Read all about the unique endeavor by Joydhak.

Rabindranath Tagore on Ecology and Sustainable Development - by Dr R L Basu

Rabindranath Tagore is generally hailed as a versatile genius in the arena of fine arts (all branches of literature, music and painting) and many aspects of his thought pertaining to practical living have not yet been brought under thorough discussion and research. This article endeavors to bring to light two such aspects, viz. his thoughts related to i) Ecology and ii) Sustainable Development.  An Washington Bangla Radio exclusive study by Dr R L Basu.

Bengali Online Childrens Magazine JOYDHAK Durga Puja 2009 Issue (7th Issue) Published

Online Bengali Magazine | Joydhak

The editors of Bangla online e-zine "JOYDHAK" have announced the publication of the 7TH  INTERNET ISSUE of the webzine.

Send Durga Pujo greeting with Ichchamoti's new e-card service just launched

Ichchamoti, the popular Bengali Online Children's Magazine, has launched a great Bengali e-card service for you to use to send Durga Puja greetings (Sharadiya Shubheccha) to your loved one.

Ichchhamoti Bengali Online Children's Magazine Durga Pujo 2009 Issue published in e-zine format

Icchamoti Bengali Childrens Magazine Durga Pujo 2009 Issue

Living up to the excellent standard set by previous issues, the Sarat issue of Icchamoti features a fine collection of Bengali poetry, stories, travelogues, art, movie and entertainment reviews and informative articles of interest to children as well as grown-ups.

Subhomay Mukhopadhyay | Bangla Kobita Abritti | Listen Free Online to Bangla & English Poetry & Prose Recitation on WBRi Radio

Subhomay Mukhopadhyay - Listen Online to Bengali Poetry Recitation | Bangla Abritti Broadcast on Washington Bangla Live Radio Channel

Listen to online English and Bengali Recitation broadcast by Subhamoy Mukhopadhyay on WBRi Kolkata Bangla Online Radio. Submit your recitation / elocution recordings for airing on WBRi global broadcast - use the Contact link for submissions.

Kolaj - Bengalis In Hyderabad publish the first Bangla Magazine in Hyderabad

Bengali Online Magazine | Kolkaj

The not-for-profit Bengali organization "Bengalis In Hyderabad" (BIH) have published "KOLAJ", the first Bangla magazine in Hyderabad. The creative editorial team of Kolaj richly deserve commendation for their immense effort to compile and present a wonderful read.

Bengali singer Sutirth Mukherjee to release debut album "Fall In Love" in Kolkata

Bengali singer Sutirth Mukherjee to release debut album "Fall In Love" in Kolkata on Tuesday Sept 15.

গঙ্গাদেবী ও ব্রতীনের অহঙ্কার Gangadevi and the Proud Bratin - Bengali Short Story by Ratan Lal Basu WBRi Online Bengali Magazine

গঙ্গাদেবী ও ব্রতীনের অহঙ্কার
রতন লাল বসু

Gangadevi and the Proud Bratin - Bengali Short Story by Ratan Lal Basu

NOTE: This is a short story in Bengali language written in a unicode Bengali font.

On Chain Mails & Spam e-mail - by Barnali Saha

Nashville, Tennessee: Sept 1, 2009:

"Have you ever thought what could happen if you don’t forward this message from some anonymous philosopher? I guess you mother would have to die an untimely death and that too because of you and your skepticism ..."- Barnali Saha writes about her frustration with chain and spam e-mails clogging her inbox.

ইচ্ছামতী (Ichchhamoti) - The Bengali Online Children's Magazine - Official Blog

Icchamoti Bengali Childrens Magazine - Official Blog

ICHCHAMOTI and JOYDHAK are the most read children's magazines in the United States. Now both of these wonderful e-zines have their own blogs that contain upadates to their main Bengali Online Magazine sites.

Feluda Comic Books Released - Subhadra Sengupta, Tapas Guha - Penguin Books India

Detective Feluda is here, Tintin-style. The iconic private eye - a character created by legendary filmmaker-writer Satyajit Ray in his Bengali whodunits - has entered the animated, colourful world of comic books ...

Gopal Bandopadhyay. Listen to 16 Kinds of Bengali Folk Tribal Baul Songs | Regional Songs Of Bengal | Watch Concert Video Online

Gopal Bandopadhyay, a singer and scholar of Bengali Music, tells us about the richness & history of various sub-genres of Bengali Folk & Tribal and presents 16 songs of different kinds of Tribal & Folk Music of Bengal in his own voice : listen online free. Also watch a free online video of Gopal Bandopadhyay in live concert.

A Few Streams of Bengali Folk Songs
By Gopal Bandopadhyay

Bengali folk songs are rich in variety. Different places have been responsible for producing their own songs the simple customs, festivals, religions, beliefs, passions have found an eloquent ventilation in the melodious soulful tunes of ordinary men and women.