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Ichchhamoti Bengali Children's Online Magazine | Winter 2010 Issue Published

Icchamoti winter 2010

We are very happy to inform you the editors of Icchamoti have published the Winter 2010 issue of the wonderful ICHCHAMOTI Bengali Children's e-Zine.

Ichamoti (Ichchamoti) is one of the most-read Online Bengali Magazines for children in the United States.

The complete magazine is available online at www.ichchhamoti.org. A PDF Version is also available at the web-site for free download.

As always, read the great  poems, stories, travelogues, articles, movie reviews and so on, and spend hours having fun, irrespective of your age.

THE TERRORIST'S LEAFLET - A Short Story By Dr Ratan Lal Basu | WBRi Online Magazine


Dr Ratan Lal Basu

A short Story

Hello, doing your morning walk?

The loud voice made me look back without any conscious effort. I had already recognized from the voice, the sub-inspector residing just three houses away from my newly constructed rural house. In fact, he was my first acquaintance and may be the most well known person in this new unfamiliar place. He on his own made acquaintance with me as soon as I started constructing the house. This helped me in three ways. First I got some garrulous person to spend the odious time of looking over construction work (he had very little job in the police station of this extremely peaceful locality, and his absence was desirable for obvious reasons to constables and other subordinate staff). Second, my intimate friendship (as it appeared) with the police officer made the masons and suppliers of building materials cooperate with me in a way more than expected. Third, the local clubs exempted me from the subscription considered due from any new comer.

A New Year's Poem by Sukanya Dutta

Sukanya Dutta

Washington Bangla Radio Online Magazine: A poem by Sukanya Dutta to welcome the new year.

Interview - Chitrita Banerjee - Author of the popular Bengali Recipe Books & Feluda Mystery Stories Translations

Writer Chitrita BanerjiChitrita Banerji is well known for her excellent recipe books on Bengali cooking and dishes. Chitrita is from Kolkata, India and has a Master's Degree in English from Harvard University. An expert in food, culture and history, her popular books include Land of Milk and Honey: Travels in the History of Indian FoodBengali Cooking: Seasons and Festivals, Eating India: An Odyssey into the Food and Culture of the Land of Spices, Eating India, The Hour of the Goddess: Memories of Women, Food, and Ritual in Bengal, Eating India: Exploring the Food and Culture of the Land of Spices and so on.

Chitrita Banerji has also contributed to well-acclaimed translations of Feluda mystery detective thriller stories by Satyajit Ray, likeComplete Adventures of Feluda, and Adventures of Feluda.

Listen to an interview with Chitrita Banerjee (VOA Bangla) Online.

Major Singh's Secret | A Short Story by Dr Ratan Lal Basu | WBRi Kolkata Bangla Radio Online Magazine

Short Story by Dr R L Basu

Everybody gathered around major Singh and started showering kudos. He had done a remarkable job, to drive away the terrorists from the jungles and difficult hill tracts to the foreign land and the borders have been sealed so that the area is now free from the long lasting menace. All the earlier missions had failed miserably and during the last few months, the terrorists had stepped up the intensity of their heinous activities  murder of political men, looting, robbery, abduction of government officials, attacking the police stations, laying mines on the roads and similar anarchic activities terrorizing the inhabitants and causing headache to the administration. The terrain bordering a foreign country and infested with deep forest and inaccessible hilly tracts made the operations difficult. After several abortive police operations the authorities at last find no alternative but to resort to military action and Colonel Srinivasan was entrusted with the task of organizing the operation.

Bengali Online Children Magazine Joydhak (8th issue) uploaded

  • THE 8TH INTERNET ISSUE OF JOYDHAK has been uploaded. Read on to see what the editor of this currently most popular Bengali webzine for kids, teens and tweens have to say about the latest issue:

Official A R Rahman 2010 Calendar Sale

Oscar winning musician A. R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) has come up with a Calendar 2010 in aid of "education for the less privileged children".

With pictures of Rahman in various music related moods/settings and his thoughts on topics like love, music, and language; this desk-top calendar is being sold for Rupees 250. Reportedly produced by A. R. Rahman Foundation in collaboration with World Light (Audio Media Education subsidiary), its photographs are captured by T. Selvakumar, Audio Media Education director. “All praises belong to the Almighty”, is one of the quotes on the Calendar.

Holiday Shopping!! Barnali Saha shares some great tips for finding the right gifts for our loved ones

Holiday Gifts!With the holiday season round the corner and Christmas about to ring its bells, holiday gift-giving is the talk of the town. Now those of you for whom this time of year is the full moon night of wish fulfillment and heartwarming gifts, they need not worry, but for those of us, who are awarded with useless souvenirs and tchotchkes, the holiday season is nothing short of a scary Halloween party. Close your eyes and luxuriate in the grim memories of age old chocolates, expired gift cards, customized pj's. Arent they a delight to reminisce? Ah Not so much, you might say. So buckle up butter cups and bring worldly order to your gift ideas. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect gifts for someone special.

By Barnali Saha.

The Trash Superpower! - By Barnali Saha

Garbage Trash Dump & Ragpickers in KolkataThe Trash Superpower!

by Barnali Saha

Doesn’t it feel just fabulous to know that we can win the Nobel Prize? So what if the prize comes for filth and grime. As long we get the award, it doesn’t really matter on what subject it has been awarded. Everything is fair in Nobel and War! Shouldn’t we be proud that we, the citizens of India, have successfully polluted our country to such an extent that even Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh had to curtsy to our success and say that “I think our cities have the dubious distinction of being the dirtiest cities in the world. There is no doubt about it. But if there is a Nobel Prize for dirt and filth, India will win it.”

Mon Diye Jaye Chena - A Bengali Short Story By Sudipuddin Srirampuri (মন দিয়ে যায় চেনা ...) | Bengali Online Magazine

Sudip Basu - WBRi Online Bangla MagazineWashington Bangla Radio Online Bengali Magazine presents "Mon Diye Jaye Chena" - a Bengali short story by Sudipuddin Srirampuri. This post is in Unicode Bengali font.

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Joydhak camp at Radhanagar, Sandeshkhali---Where have all the flowers gone?

The little school compound we visited for our first workshop still stands there, the school is still operational, but its mood has changed. All the merriment is gone now. One of its main teachers is already dead. The cyclone too did not spare the school. The desolate building stands alone there, with the memory of the destructive days of the cyclone written all over its compound. All its flowers are gone now.  Read the full report at joydhak's blog.

Bengali Poem by Nilotpal Sanyal - আছি এক হয়ে | WBRi Online Bengali Magazine

Nilotpal Sanyal - Bengali Poetry | Bangla KobitaA poem "আছি এক হয়ে" by Nilotpal Sanyal - in unicode Bangla font. Nilotpal Sanyal is from a family (of north Calcutta) where music and literature are understood in several of their forms. Currently he is a doctoral student at University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA.

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The Crucial Moment - A short story by Dr. Ratan Lal Basu


Short Story by Dr. Ratanlal Basu

The crucial moment – lurking menacingly behind the overhanging veil of smog, stretching slowly out its awesome tentacles like a gigantic octopus and waiting patiently to pounce upon its prey. I’m ensnared, would in no time be drawn into the fold of the monster. The horror shoots up my spine, oozes out and encompasses the ambience. It’s there in the pale yellow of the building, wavering against the mellow dusk light beyond the veil of smog. I’m inescapably caught like a fish hooked tightly. Like the poor fish I would writhe, squirm, jump, circle and struggle by all conceivable means to ineffectually let go of the hook and more I struggle more firmly would the hook get riveted in me. As a last resort I might probably try to break the line by running away fast and the demon, like a deft angler, would give line until I wear off all my ability to move any further and then the final pull would drag me along limp into the fathomless horror. I could have dived into it right away and rid the agony of waiting, but the abiding horror failed me. It’s silly, I thought; I’ve brains unlike the fish and I know fully well I’ve to encounter it eventually ...

The little girl from Itarsi-- A joydhak Report

.........“Papa look, that greedy beggar girl!”
         We all looked outside. There she was; standing guard over a very ill looking middle aged woman, perhaps her mother. The woman was greedily sucking at one of those packets of butter milk Three other naked toddlers were scampering around. Each of them had one sachet in his or her hand............

This is a scene from a moving incident seen from the window of a moving train. The full report describes a  stimulating episode that bolsters our faith on humanity. Everything is not lost. Even in these troubled days we have lots of cause to cheer,  provided we look into the right places. Read the full story at


Environment & Ecology in Kautilyas Arthasastra and their Modern Relevance - Dr Ratan Lal Basu

Dr.Ratan Lal Basu

Recent awareness and in many cases fuss about environment and ecology arose only since the middle of the twentieth century. In fact, the current wave of environment awareness got a fillip only after the United Nations Conference on Human Environment held in 1972 at Stockholm (Sweden), and the matter gained further importance after the Earth Summit held in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). However during the early 20th century Rabindranath Tagore dealt in detail with various aspects of environment (and in a more coherent way than the present day piece meal analysis) in various writings.