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THE HILLS ARE ALIVE: A video-feature on Sandhak-Fu Trek

Calcutta, Feb 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) I had been languishing in utter boredom and hollow feeling. Boredom vanished as soon as Dr. Mili Chakraborty of the Dept. of Botany requested me to join Sandhak-Fu trek and I readily gave assent. She led me to their departmental teachers’ room and introduced me to Avik Sen, the proprietor of Impression India, specialized in Himalayan treks and I was impressed by the reassuring smile of the thickly mustached young man around forty. Mili showed me the list of trekkers already given consent and it included Dr. Mala Basu, popular for her story telling and her amiable hubby Mr. Asoke Basu, Dr. Bani Bahttacharyya of the Sanskrit Dept., well known to me for her advise on ancient Indian culture and many other colleagues and a few of their friends who were all well known to me.

Watch the short film on Sandakhpu trek and read the fascinating account of the trek by Dr Ratan Lal Basu on Washington Bangla Radio.

Putrajaya (Malaysia)

Putrajaya is the new administrative capital of Malaysia. The development of this swanky new city marks a new chapter in the history of modern architecture. Set to be a model ‘garden city’ with sophisticated IT network, Putrajaya has virtually become a key to the vital developments of the country.

AS I WALK IN KOLKATA (Calcutta)...

Calcutta is a city of wonders engulfing it's own history of the Raj Days, the stories of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, his disciple Swami Vivekananda, the ace director Satyajit Ray, the rickshaw puller from Dwarbhanga district in Bihar and the Street Vendor Netai from Sunderbans and it's political and cultural background.

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Calcutta (now known as Kolkata, thought I prefer it's former name) is a city as personalized as it's streets and lanes and as the master film-maker / author Satyajit Ray said, that to 'know' a city, one has to walk it's streets in order to absorb it's taste, visuals, sounds and of course it's smells.

So here on WBRI, I am going to begin a series of writings on Calcutta, and it's various walks. Each article dedicated to a particular area of the city or two.

So come along with me , put on your walking shoes, wear a light slacks, a cotton shirt with a light jacket, since at this time of the year it tends to get chilly in the evening and walk with me the streets of "KOLLOLINI  KOLKATA"!

Coming up in a couple of days  - "Walking down Raj Bhavan - St. John's Church - Calcutta General Post Office - Writer's Buildings - St. Andrew's Church - Old Currency building - Raj Bhavan Outhouses and the Great Eastern Hotel" !

Just hang on with me !!!

The 'Fiery' Sichuan

Sichuan cuisine is well known for its fiery yet mouth-watering fare that starts with simple warm and cold appetizers to grand meaty items.

দিয়ালা ৩ | Diyala Online Bengali Children's Magazine 3rd issue published

DIYALA Bengali Childrens Online Magazine (Webzine)

The 3rd issue of bilingual Bengali - English children's magazine DIYALA has been published.

Free Online Bengali-English Magazine DIYALA launched - A Kochisamsad Publication

Online Bengali Childrens Magazine Diyala

Germantown, Maryland, Nov 8, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) DIYALA (diyala.kochiknacha.com) is a newly launched Bengali-English bilingual online magazine from Kochisamsad. Though the magazine focuses on children below 16, youngsters as well as grown-ups should find it equally appealing.

DIYALA webzine is a part of Kochisamsad which is bilingual (English and Bengali) and for the under 16 age group. The main motto of the publishers is to connect the schoolchildren worldwide through this webzine and to provide them with some quality reading material. An interesting aspect of DIYALA which derives from it's online nature is the magazine's web-site also servers as a platform for students, parents and teachers to interact online at the Diyala blog on different topics as a part of the Kochisamsad website.

Kochisamsad are involved in diverse social and literary activities, including The Mukti-Kochiknacha Book Bank Project, art workshops, pottery workshops, theater workshops, cooking-health food workshops for mothers, sit and draw and so on, where children under 16 are involved.

Diyala and Kochisamsad are created by Ananya Banerjee and her brother Sanjib Sikder. Ananya is a teacher with about 16 years of continuous teaching experience in reputed schools, presently attached with DPS, Ruby Park, Kolkata. Sanjib Sikder is an IIT Mumbai Research Scholar who is the designer of their web-site.

Ananya and Sanjib are currently the joint editors of Diyala. Their future plan is to come up with an advisory panel as Diyala grows, consisting of teachers, doctors, child psychologists, eminent writers and well wishers. DIYALA in print edition from a good publication house is also envisioned.

Check out DIYALA and Kochisamsad at diyala.kochiknacha.com.

The Grand Hotel (Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA)

Known to the rest of the World as America’s summer place, the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island , Michigan was truly grand. The grand, white structure is majestic  and only justifies its position as a historical landmark. Celebrities and political leaders frequent this place and we wanted to be like them as we spent one day in this truly grand ‘Grand Hotel’ in the great lakes region of North America.


Magazines From Kolkata and India

Calcutta, Jan 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Indian magazine scene has exploded in recent years, and a lot of the top Indian magazines are now available in the USA on a subscription bases.

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Verve - India: India's premier women's international magazine. Verve reflects the spirit of today s woman - changing with the times, moving with trends, styles, fashion. Verve chooses to cover achievers in every field from fashion, business and style to Bollywood, books and travel.

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Two leaves and a bud (Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka)

The magical formula of ‘two leaves and a bud’ has put the scenic and splendid picturesque town of Nuwara Eliya in the map of World’s finest and cleanest tea producing region. 

বিশ্বাস - সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায় | Biswas - A Bengali Poem by Santwana Chatterjee


সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায়

বিশ্বাস তো নিজেকে করাই মুশকিল,
পরের কথা তো দূরে,
আজকের ভালবাসা
থাকেনা জীবন জুরে ...

তোমার আসা - সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায় | Tomar Asha - A Bengali Poem by Santwana Chatterjee | WBRi Bengali Online Magazine

তোমার আসা

সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায়

--  তুমি এসেছিলে আমি জানি ;
আমি বুঝিনি তোমায় তাই বুঝি চলে গেলে !
কি করে কে জানে এক তীব্র ব্যাকুলতা ,
হৃদয়ের মাঝখানে নিয়েছে যে বাসা ...

Lessons From The Mahabharata : Wisdom From The Epic On Governance, Revenue Collection and Division Of Labor

Calcutta, Jan 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) As regards the answer to the question, ‘which is the greatest literary creation in human history’, my unequivocal answer is the great Indian Epic Mahabharata composed according to ancient Indian texts by the great sage and scholar Vyasadeva. The epic touches upon all aspects of human life, the complexities of human relations embracing all the conceivable strata of the society, the multifarious dimensions of clashes and contradictions, intricacies of the economic and political matters, the objectives and modus operandi of a welfare oriented state ensuring growth, equity and justice – in a nutshell, the essence of human knowledge embedded in all ancient Indian texts on religion, laws, statecraft, economics and extra-mundane philosophy.

In Santi Parva of the epic, most of the knowledge on statecraft, economics and moral philosophy are disseminated to the King Yudhisthira by their grand father Bhishma lying on deathbed of the arrows of Arjuna. About the origin of the vast body of knowledge Bhishma states that in the Krita age people were righteous and honest. But soon greed, lust and other vices corrupted human society and it was at the point of losing all moral and ethical teachings learnt in course of millennia. The great thinkers and the gods approached the creator praying for the way out and in response the creator wrote a book covering hundred thousand chapters for salvation of human society. To quote:

“The Grandsire then composed by his own intelligence a treatise consisting of a hundred thousand chapters. In it were treated the subject of Virtue, Profit, and Pleasure, which the Self-born designated as the triple aggregate. He treated of a fourth subject called Emancipation with opposite meaning and attributes. The triple aggregate in respect of emancipation, viz., to the attributes of Goodness, Passion, and Darkness, and another, (a fourth, viz., the practice of duty without hope of bliss or reward in this or the other world), were treated in it. Another triple aggregate connected with Chastisement, viz., Conversation, Growth, and Destruction, was treated in it. Another aggregate of six consisting of the hearts of men, place, time, means, overt acts, and alliances, and causes, were treated in it.” (Mahabharata, Santi Parva, Section-59, Ganguli, p.123].

All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger is Back In Print

New York, January 6, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Returning to print, it’s ALL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FILMMAKING I LEARNED FROM THE TOXIC AVENGER by Lloyd Kaufman (director of The Toxic Avenger, and Poultrygeist) and James Gunn (writer of Dawn of the Dead and writer/director of Tromeo and Juliet).  It’s the book that Lloyd Kaufman wrote that James Gunn wrote.  Mr. Gunn’s career has flourished since All I Need to Know was first published in 1998, and now he’s one of Hollywood’s most sought after screenwriters and has an eagerly awaited film, Super, on the way.  Meanwhile, Lloyd Kaufman’s career has festered and has gone nowhere since 1998.  So we are pushing James Gunn here in hopes that you will review this classic book.

Oh! Calcutta (West Bengal, India)

Glimpses and different moods of the City of joy…Calcutta.