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"REJECTION" - An English Short Story by Santwana Chatterjee | WBRi Online Magazine


By Santwana Chatterjee

A Short Story

Ma has to come. Kona declared. No, no, nothing doing, she hastily added as she saw Suresh opening his mouth. Lolita has given notice, she is leaving this Friday.

How can she leave so sudden! Suresh was exasperated. What does she want! Increase her salary, yaar!

She won’t stay. She is providing a replacement, her niece. But she is raw and has just come from the village. Knows nothing of city life and moreover, she is to be trained as a cook.

But why can’t you do that! Why call your mother on the drop of a hat. You know how I feel, Suresh sounded irritated.

Yes, so you say every time I call her .Pray tell me how I manage everything single handed! Tell me, na! Teach the new maid everything including cooking. Prepare nasta for Birju. Prepare him for school. And who will be here to receive him when the school bus drops him at the gate, hungry and tired. A little boy, all alone in the flat, with a new maid, who knows what type she would be. Or are you suggesting I leave office and stay home to look after your home and son!.

So Mrs Malati Roy arrived with her baggage to the utter discomfiture of Suresh ...

Read the complete short story in the exclusive online Magazine section at Washington Bangla Radio.

Guardians of Forgotten Vaults - A Poem by Rashmi Gowda on Treasure Discovered in Padmanabhaswamy Temple (WBRi Online Magazine)

Reshmi GowdaEditor's note: Rashmi wrote this poem after the recent discovery of six hidden treasure-filled chambers in Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala. The temple is maintained by the erstwhile royal family of Travancore and the treasure has been officially valued at upwards of US$ 20 Billion.

Rashmi Gowda works for a medical device company in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. She grew up in South India, and moved to the US to pursue her MBA. She has been writing short stories, poems and travelogues for her blog rushwrites.blogspot.com and also worked as co-editor for her school's weekly magazine. She can be reached at rashmi.gowda [at] gmail [dot] com.

Ghosts of centuries past
Beheld the treasures and watched
Marauders crossing vast swaths of land
Pillaging, raiding streets paved with gold ...

Holding Hands (Poem)

Holding Hands
Here they once stood,

Exclusive: Ananda Publishers' Sarodia Pujabarshiki Anandamela 2011 Online Release

Calcutta, August 8, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The 2011 edition of popular Sharadiya Pujabarshiki Anandamela magazine from Anand Publishers is now available.

Cover of Sharadiya Anandamela Pujabarshiki 2011 via Boimela

This year's highlights include Kakababu, Santu, Jojo, Deblina and Oli haveing a new crime-mystery adventure in an island in the Sunderbans in Sunil Gangopadhyay's "Kakababu O Jaladashyu".

Suchitra Bhattacharya tells a thrilling story about a pen-drive found by Jhumjhum in a hotel room in Kulu-Manali leading to an underworld network selling off priceless paintings. Will Mitinmashi and Tupur succeed in busting the racket ?

Sabyasachi Sarkar writes yet another crime-mystery thriller involving the possible kidnapping of cricket star Tushar Shukla. Tubrimama, Coco and the gang of sleuths investigates.

Sharodiyo Pujabarshiki Anandamela 2011 is available online: Click Here For Details On Online Sharadiya Anandamela 2011 Availability >

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Cuppatea (Poem)

The soul is a teacup...

বসুন্ধরার গান - সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায় | Basundharar Gaan : Bengali Poem by Santwana Chatterjee (WBRi Online Bengali Magazine)

কত দিন পরে দ্যাখা হল আজ

বসলে এসে পাশে,

ফেলে রেখে তোমার যত কাজ ।

আসতে যেতে পথের মাঝে,


"Rivers of Red" - a Short Poem by Rashmi Gowda

Rivers of red

Rashmi Gowda

Rashmi GowdaEditor's note: This is a short poem on a maoist mass grave found in May of 2011. Rashmi Gowda works for a medical device company in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. She grew up in South India, and moved to the US to pursue her MBA. She has been writing short stories, poems and travelogues for her blog rushwrites.blogspot.com and also worked as co-editor for her school's weekly magazine. Rashmi can be reached at rashmi.gowda [at] gmail [dot] com.

"Patrons of A Letter Box" by Nirendra Dev : An English Short Story (WBRi Online Magazine)

Patrons of A Letter Box

By Nirendra Dev

A Short Story

Nirendra Narayan DevEditor's Note: Nirendra Narayan Dev (nirendev1 [at] gmail [dot] com), an acclaimed political journalist, is a special correspondent of The Statesman, New Delhi and author of the books Ayodhya : Battle For Peace, The Talking Guns North East India and Godhra A Journey To Mayhem. Nirendra was born and brought up in India's northeast and his father served with paramilitary force Assam Rifles. His blog is at bestofindiarestofindia.blogspot.com.

We have previously had an opportunity of talking to the author and have posted the audio recording of the interview.

This is Nirendra Dev’s fourth short story in the series. His earlier short stories published on Washington Bangla Radio are ‘The Pawns’, ‘Arms of Comfort’ and ‘The Guiding Sun, Soothing Moon’.

The struggle of memory against forgetting is one of the foremost of struggles. History holds the monopoly of the business of keeping memories alive. Standing in this landscape – isolated – I often picture my memories like a shattered mirror. Pieces all over. But the tales of two of my patrons would always be fresh in my memories.

It is difficult to appreciate the life of a ‘Letter Box’ in the landscape of a tiny Jotsoma village in Naga hills unless one has experienced. It was equally unique for human beings. There are certain places surrounded by a halo of excitement, if not romance. Jotsoma was one such place. In late eighties it was a small hamlet with the diversity from other Naga villages with a spacious campus housing state’s only Science College. The unseen wave of modernity was rubbing shoulders with Naga tradition. The institution was notoriously famous for churning out dozens of doctors and engineers every year. The ratio of successful doctors and engineers was quite higher than the pace they could find jobs or alternate source of employment.

Poetry Meets Cinema: ITI APU (Bengali, 2011) - A Tribute to Apu Trilogy: A Short Film On A Poem Recited by Soumitra Chatterjee

Washington DC, August 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) You may have heard the wonderful poems written by Prithwiraj Choudhury recited by Bratati Banerjee and himself that we have featured before in this post. Prithwiraj recently got together with Mrigankasekhar Ganguly and they have created a short film directed by Mrigankasekhar based on the poem "Iti Apu" written by Prithwiraj and narrated by Saumitra Chatterjee, who played Apu in Satyajit Ray's iconic trilogy.

Watch the Bengali short film online.

Baul History 101 Part 3: Tantra Mantra Yantra and Tantra as Sex

By Trishula Das

Editor's Note: This is part 3 of an exclusive history series on Bauls and Baul music of Bengal. Also read Part-1 and Part-2 which are authored by Babukishan Krishnendu Das Baul. Check out our exclusive audio interview broadcast with Babukishan Krishnendu Das Baul available on-demand here.

Babu Kishan aka Krishnendu Das Baul is a Baul Guru, Master of Indian Folk, Classical, and Bollywood music. He has produced, promoted and composed for all the top Bollywood Indian Cinema's musican's and singers. He is the first Baul to compose Fusion Music, receive a modern education with a BA in Indian Philosophy, MA in Indian Music, the first Baul to live in North America. As a Music Director, Composer, for Indian Cinema for 30 years, he has composed over 150 scores, produced 44 albums. A prolific writer, poet, and author of 3 books on Bauls. He has been traveling the world promoting, teaching Lineage Baul for more than 40 years.He spent 12 years as a Vedic Monk with the Ramakrishna Order.

Indian Postage Stamp: Bengali Baul Mela

I was having a conversation with BabuKishan Das Baul this morning about this description of Bauls that says, "Many of them (Bauls) practice a type of psycho-physical manipulation or tantric yoga which emphasizes control of sexual union, the purpose of which is to enable the couple to achieve a break with phenomenal existence, to escape the endless cycle of death and regeneration, and to achieve a state of eternal stability or samadhi.

This practice involves the retention of semen during intercourse and ingestion of bodily secretions..."

This is not the focus of what a Baul is?? There is nothing wrong with this description of Sacred Sexuality, however, you will see this over and over again like a broken record as if this is the only focus, of what Baul is?.... There are many false things written about the Bauls and so many false Bauls, it is really difficult to get to the truth or to know who is a real Baul.

If this is all writers seem to write about Baul then Bauls will be extinct faster than thought. Baul is a beautiful ecsatic mystical lineage and most of the PHD holders took their research from this lineage given only a very limited point of view and now they are trying to teach the lineage Bauls what Baul is?? It takes years and years if not a lifetime to learn Baul philosophy, Baul songs, Baul poetry, Tantra and Yoga.. it is not simple or easy. Just as real Yoga is not simple or easy. The Tantra Bauls practice has nothing to do with the Neo Tantra of the West. It is a mystical shamanic Tantra. I call Bauls the Rasa Lila Mystics because they take the juice and hold it inside of themselves, they distill this juice only keeping the very best of all practices, they keep what works and grind and polish it into a beautiful play.

Babukishan Krishnendu Das Baul

The Haiku Collection-Topsy Turvy

Green skies are quite odd,
And red rivers frighten me.
But, oh, the beauty!

অচিনপুর - অলকা সান্যাল (Achinpur) - A Bengali Poem by Alaka Sanyal - Bengali Online Magazine

"Achinpur" is a Bengali poem (Bangla Kobita) written by Alaka Sanyal presented in Unicode Bengali font.


অলকা সান্যাল

ফুরিয়ে এল দিনের আলো
অন্তরেতে প্রদীপ জ্বালো
সেই আলোতে পথ চিনে ভাই
যেতে হবে অনেক দূর ...

ভাবনা - অলকা সান্যাল (Bhabna) - A Bengali Poem by Alaka Sanyal - Online Bengali Magazine

"Bhabna" (Reflections) is a Bengali poem (Bangla Kobita) written by Alaka Sanyal presented in Unicode Bengali font.


অলকা সান্যাল

অনেক হোলো আসা যাওয়া -
এবার সময় একটু একা থাকি ...

পণ্ডিত দূরে থাক সাথে নিয়ে ব্যাকরণ - অলকা সান্যাল (Pandit Durey Thako) - A Bengali Poem by Alaka Sanyal

পণ্ডিত দূরে থাক

অলকা সান্যাল

পণ্ডিত দূরে থাক সাথে নিয়ে ব্যাকরণ
এ যেন কে খুলে নিল ভাষাটার আবরণ
শব্দরা কেঁদে মরে, ছন্দরা অসহায়
একটু যত্ন পেলে হেসে হেসে দোল খায়।
ভুলে গেলে চলবে না ভাষাটা যে মাতৃ
যে দেশেই থাকি নাকো আমাদের ধাত্রী।

Alaka Sanyal lives in Salt Lake, Kolkata. She occassionally writes for fun, and can be reached at alaka[at]sanyal[dot]org. Some of her writings are also posted at alaka.sanyal.org

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna – Awarded India’s most Stylish Couple by Starweek!

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna Most Stylish Couple on Starweek (Magazine Cover)

Mumbai, July 28, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) India’s hottest and most contemporary couple - Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, now have another feather in their overflowing hat of accolades, and that is of India’s most stylish couple. Akshay’s wardrobe mostly consists of a cool and trendy vibe while wife, Twinkle, herself has an enviable collection of chic and sophisticated designer outfits herself.