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The Northern Virginia Bengali Association (NVBA) is hosting Mr Anuj Dhar in Virginia and Maryland

The Northern Virginia Bengali Association (NVBA) will host Anuj Dhar on October 18, 230PM at McLean High School - 1633 Davidson Rd, McLean, VA, 22101, USA. Mr. Dhar will also be addressing the Indian diaspora on November 1, 4PM at Washington Kali Mandir - Shiva Durga Shakti Mandir - 16126 New Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866.

Nita Nath Das's poems on auspicious Durga Puja and Autumn season


The Bengali Extravaganza.

   Mahalaya is round the corner, the festive feeling has set in already and the Bengali heart is beating fast. The countdown has begun. The splendid attires are chosen, accessories that goes best with them are all set aside as  the beautiful ladies and gentlemen are ready to walk the ramps and usher Goddess Durga to her Pedestal which the community rightly considers to be highest among  the Gods and celebrates Her homecoming as  their biggest extravaganza. So, it's time for us  to Eat, Pray and Love all together!!

শব্দগল্পদ্রুম | New Bengali Audio Magazine Launched by Bangla Childrens' Magazine JOYDHAK

SHOBDOKOLPODRUM Free Bengali Online Childrens Audio Magazine

বাংলা গল্প, কমিকস, কবিতা, ইতিহাস, সব শাখার মূল্যবান কাজগুলোই এইখানে থাকছে , কিন্তু পড়বার বদলে তা চোখে দেখা ও কানে শোনার ফর্ম্যাটে।

Bengali poem by Neela Das Nath

Bengali poem written by Shrimati Neela Nath Das-

A Crave For A Crepe.

One fine morning I have discovered some great savory crepes right in New Jersey which are very akin to the ones I have tasted on the streets of Paris. Having tried crepes in different parts of United States and also in Canada, in Ottawa, Montreal and at Quebec city, no where did they serve the savory crepes that I am so fond of. A browse through the menu at this eatery was like a child being at a toy store, but then I kept my calm and decided to stick to my all time favorite crepe of ham and cheese. And sure enough I remain a happy soul.

প্রকাশিত হল শারদ ২০১৫ জয়ঢাক

চারটে জিনিস ফ্রি তে মেলে--আলো, হাওয়া, জল আর জয়ঢাক-->www.joydhak.com

Bikers Cafe marks its first anniversary with new offerings in the menu

Kolkata, September 25, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Biker’s café, one of the trendiest restaurants of Kolkata celebrated its first anniversary with launching a host of new delicacies in its menu.

Healthy Culinary Food Festival Held in Kolkata

Kolkata, September 18, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Festive season always calls for great food without which no celebration is complete. Event those with strictest diet habits have numerous cheat days during this time of the year. But one needs to be healthy to make most of this happy period. Keeping in mind the needed balance between a hearty feast and a sound health, a Healthy culinary Festival was organised by Casa Kitchen, one of the popular vegetarian eateries of Kolkata.

রূপান্তর আছে ক্ষয় নেই – মৃগাঙ্ক

তোমার লেখা, তোমার গান আর কবিতা নিয়ে চটকাবে, তেঁতো করবে, ছিবড়ে করবে তার পর ভেবে নেবে তোমার প্রয়োজন ফুরিয়েছে। তখন ফেলে রাখবে কোণাতে অযত্নে...

A Priceless food fare in Timeless Venice.


A maze of waterways, bridges and tiny squares abound the magical city of Venice. Gondolas strung along canals in front of ageless buildings had been the hallmark of this timeless city. I waited with baited breath to witness this unique cityscape. Being a person who likes to tread the untrodden path, I wanted to wander along its alleys among the dilapidated but brightly hued buildings. And Lo Behold!! Here I stumble upon Piazza Santa Margarita in the Dorsoduro district of Venice. It had a striking resemblance to the ambiance of College Street and the surrounding university  area back home in Kolkata.  The location appealed to my senses at the very first sight and confirmed my conviction that this was the home for some of the best food I would ever find in Venice. And rightly so !!


Bawal to tickle funny bones with comedy of errors and terrors.

Kolkata, June 02, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): The cast and crew of upcoming Bengali movie Bawal recently gathered together at a press conference to talk about the movie. Directed by debtant director Biswaroop Biswas this laugh riot has Sayani Ghosh, Arjun Chakrabarty and Ritabhari Chakrabrty in lead along with actors like Anindya, Mainak, Biswanath and Sumit Samaddar. The film also see the launch of two new comers named Deboshree and Mishka.

ধীমানের লেখনী

শুরু হল রহস্য উপন্যাস 'ভুল ছবি'

ধীমানের লেখনী-রবি প্রণাম

রবীন্দ্র দর্শন সর্বকালের শ্রেষ্ঠ আধুনিক দর্শন, যেখানে যাবতীয় প্রাচুর্যের বিশাল ভাণ্ডার । একজীবনে যা লেখা হয়েছিলো এক হাজার জীবনেও তাঁর সঠিক ভাবোদ্ধার করা যাবে না । সময় কাল ও সমাজকে নিক্তির বাটখারা বানিয়ে যখই তাঁর বিচার করতে যাই দেখতে পাই আসলে কাঁটাটি দাঁড়িপাল্লার ঠিক মাঝখানেই আছে, অর্থাৎ যা একশ বছর আগেও ছিল আধুনিক আজও তা সেই আধুনিকই ।