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The New York City Restaurant Week..January 23rd to February 10th 207.

Here comes some exciting news for all food lovers around town. It is the Restaurant Week in New York city. Starting January 23rd till the 10th of February 2017. And its just in time, when you thought all festivities are done with and all you have to do is to  deal with the ordeal of  harshness of  a winter. But then, it's New York city and things are different here. Just as the saying goes, the city never sleeps, the city is also never out of a festivity. It's always a celebration in New York city. So, Rejoice , unwind and explore the endless food choices in New York City, the dining capital of the world.


Fortified Soliloquy- By Shiuly Ray.

 The Bastakiya Fort, once it was the epicenter of the  Dubai Shopping Festival. This place was filled with bustling tourists and frolicking children. The handicrafts, cuisines ,cultural shows , henna paintings, souvenirs ,camel rides used to showcase the Arabian tapestry at their best. Now the shopping buzz has shifted to the modern architecture - to the Downtown Dubai and lucrative shopping malls. Henceforth, the place has remained deserted and silent. The fort is standing in despair solitude. 


বান্ধবীমন, তোমায় দিলাম---By Arijit Sanyal.

Here's Ringing in the New Year With A Poetic Endeavor from Arijit Sanyal. Happy 2017 to All.

বান্ধবীমন, তোমায় দিলাম
বর্ষশেষে ফিরে দেখা
মুহূর্তগুলো ফেরৎ পাওয়া
আনন্দ-উচ্ছ্বাস থেকে যাক
অপাংক্তেয় মনসিজ দূরেই থাক,
এই আবেগঘন ভাসমান মুহূর্তের সাক্ষী হিসেবে
প্রিয় বান্ধবীমন, আমি শুধু তোমাকেই চাইলাম !

Small Nation Big Dreams!

Qatar is small country in the Arabian Peninsula and Doha is the capital of Qatar. It is a surprisingly small country and looks like the palm of a hand on the world map. But in spite of being small in size, Qatar is a phenomenally rich nation, thanks to its seemingly endless reserve of natural gas and oil. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world today and occasionally finds its way in the international media for ostentatious reasons. Doha most certainly is not the most happening place in the world but it certainly looks like the citizens of this sleepy town are happy with the way things are. Let us take a sneak peek at life in Doha through Ashitava's eyes.

Corporate Guy Arijit Sanyal Launched His First Poetry Book, "Dhonyachhe".


"Dhonyachhe", a compilation of 41 Bengali modern poems, is written by Arijit over the years based on three thematic expressions : Life, Realisation & Sati cum Protest.

Craving The Crepe.

 Eureka!! Finally I have discovered some great savory crepes right in New Jersey which are very akin to the ones I have tasted on the streets of Paris.Find out where is the place near you !!

Ice Age 5: new trailer out in India

Ice Age: Collision Course (2016) Official Hi-Def Poster

ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE, opening in India on July 15, 2016 a week before its worldwide release, stars returning cast members Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Queen Latifah, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck, Simon Pegg, Keke Palmer, Wanda Sykes, and Jennifer Lopez.  Joining the herd are Stephanie Beatriz, Adam DeVine, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Max Greenfield, Jessie J, Nick Offerman, Melissa Rauch, Michael Strahan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Watch Ice Age: Collision Course - Official Trailer 3 via Fox Star India; Opens in India July 15.

Pune-based Celebrity Chef Shobha Indani Holds 2-Day Cookery Workshop in Kolkata

Shobha Indani - Celebrity Chef
Shobha Indani

Media Connect organized the 2-Day Cookery Workshop by MRS. SHOBHA INDANI (renowned Chef from Pune). Shobha Indani is one of India's renowned Chefs and has also been the winner of Golden Book of World Records for achieving the World Record of Largest Cooking Lesson. Many of her students have been her pride on Indian Cooking TV show "MASTER CHEF INDIA". She has trained more than 50,000 students since past 34 years by teaching her unique style in varied cuisines. So, the City of Joy, Kolkata was lucky enough to get a chance to give their cooking dreams a flight.

Azhar: Karanvir Sharma Plays Mohammad Azharuddin's Nemesis in the Film

Karanvir Sharma plays Manoj Prabhakar in Azhar
Karanvir Sharma plays Manoj Prabhakar in Azhar (2016) Hindi Movie

Bollywood actor Karanvir Sharma will now be seen essaying the role of the Azhar’s nemesis in the Emraan Hashmi starrer movie. Karanvir plays the inspired character of Manoj, who had an important part to play in the downfall of Azhar.

Bengali Poem by Arijit Sanyal

Fighter Pilot Arijit Sanyal metamorphosed into Kobitar Arijit! .Read his poems here....

"Reminds me of Tolkein" - Vidya Balan at Launch of Sukanya Venkatraghavan's Novel "Dark Things"

Vidya Balan and Sukanya Venkatraghavan
Vidya Balan and Sukanya Venkatraghavan

Mumbai, February 2 - Somewhere on Prithvi, a mortal survives a supernatural attack. In the dark realm of Atala, an evil goddess prepares to do the unspeakable. And a Yakshi finds herself at the heart of an other-worldly storm. Ardra has only known life as a Yakshi, designed to seduce and kill men after drawing out their deepest, darkest secrets for her evil mistress Hera, queen of the forsaken realm of Atala. Then, on one strange blood moon night, her chosen victim, Dwai, survives, and her world spins out of control. Now Ardra must escape the wrath of Hera, who is plotting to throw the universe into chaos. To stop Hera, Ardra must find answers to questions she hasn’t dared to ask before. What power does the blood moon hold? Is the sky city of Aakasha as much a myth as its inhabitants – the ethereal and seductive Gandharvas and Apsaras? Who is the mysterious monster-slayer and what makes Dwai impervious to her powers? A heady concoction of fantasy and romance, Dark Things conjures up a unique world wrought of love and sacrifice, of shadows and secrets, of evil and those who battle it.

Kangana Ranaut launches Barkha Dutt's "This Unquiet Land" Book

Shoma A Chatterji's New Book "Suchitra Sen: The Legend and Enigma" Launched by Moon Moon, Riya and Raima Sen

Sisters Raima Sen and Riya Sen
Raima and Riya Sen

Moon Moon Sen and daughters Raima and Riya Sen launched a book written by prolific journalist, author and film critic Shoma A Chatterji on legendary actress Suchitra Sen.

A Thousand Unspoken Words: Novel by Paulami Dutta Gupta Launched by Designer Agnimitra Paul and Director Subrata Sen

Paulami Dutta Gupta - A Thousand Unspoken Words (A Novel)

Designer Agnimitra Paul and critically acclaimed filmaker Subrata Sen recently came together to launch ‘A Thousand Unspoken Words’,  the debut novel of Paulami Dutta Gupta.

Jan 30 1948 - Gandhi and Godse: Pages from Past and Prejudice | Nirendra Narayan Dev

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and spiritual leader of India. Location unknown. Français : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), Guide politique et spirituel de l'Inde. Lieu inconnu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While millions died during the partition, lakhs of refugees who from eastern Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and west Pakistan who crossed over to India – under duress and in sheer poverty – blamed Bapu for accepting the partition. Muslims – whom Gandhi sought to protect – have turned a pro-violence community today – at least in terms of perception. And Hindus feel they must give up the Sanathan spirit. As a result over the last few decades the so called Hindu-revivalism has turned increasingly ominous. For Muslims again there is a peculiar dilemma. To many Muslims – who stayed in India abandoning Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s partition and Pakistan – there is a lasting guilt of the community’s role in dividing the country. Yet the real blame should have gone to those who went off in search of paradise in the new country. But the “real tragedy”, according to M J Akbar and I endorse that - the price of partition is not being paid by the people who got Pakistan but “by the Muslims in India” – who stayed back and trusted their Hindu and Sikh brethren. This is the irony and a melancholic turn!

A Christmas Cake Walk.

                                         Christmas brings wonders to the world for sure and one year, I was left wondrous with an amazing revelation about the cellophane wrapped special "X-Mas" cakes found specially in Kolkata around Christmas. The fruit cake, as history unfolds, is a tradition in most European homes, especially in Italy, Spain and Portugal. In the medieval times it was eaten by the kings and royal families at Christmas time, hence it is also called a King’s cake. Today, I am truly humbled as I marvel on the great lineage and the legacy of the Portuguese settlers in India, that  these "cellophane wrapped cakes"sold on Kolkata streets had been silently carrying for years. It is fascinating how this cake, a royal descendant of the medieval era has made its way among the masses of Kolkata.