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July 18 2009 Hindu Dharma Sabha (Hinduism Meet) Live Coverage | Forum For Hindu Awakening | Washington Durga Temple, Vriginia

Hinduism Hindu Prayer Chants Conference Meet

Washington Bangla Radio broadcast the Hindu Dharma Sabha Live from the Durga Temple starting 2 PM on July 18, 2009. Listen to the complete recording of the Live internet webcast. Read all about the first North American Hinduism conference. Watch a WBRi exclusive picture slideshow.

Live Online Yoga Radio: India,Eastern,Devotional,Spiritual,Meditation,Relaxation,Contemplation,Reiki,Hypnotherapy,Therapeutic

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Online 24/7 Yoga Music Radio - Relaxation Meditation Inspiration - Meditation / Ambient Songs & Music

Listen Free to Online Yoga / Meditation Internet Streaming Radio 24x7 via streamcasting channels from Live365.com: click the PLAY buttons below to try the stations we have identified for you.

World Music Day June 21 2009, Kolkata. Western Classical & Rabindrasangeet Concert @ St John's Church lead by Abraham Mazumder.

Abraham MazumderWBRiMedia Radio KOLKATA MUSIC ACADEMY celebrated World Music day (under the baton of Abraham Mazumder) on Sunday 21st June 2009, 6:30 - 9:30 PM at St. John's Church (the Oldest Cathedral in the city where Job Charnok's Tomb is laid).

Live Webcast on WBRi India Kolkata Bangla Radio

SUNDAY 6.21.2009 9 - 12 AM EASTERN US TIME ON WBRI-2 (Washington Bangla Radio CHANNEL 2)

The concert was broadcast live by Washington Bangla Radio from its servers in the United States. This was the first concert live webcast from India.

Konkani Goa Online Youtube TV Channel | Konkani Songs, Music Videos, News Broadcast

Check out this Goa Konkani Youtube channel, credited to the Goa-World team on  Youtube.com, who run the fantastic Goa/Konkani web-site goa-world.com. Watch free online music videos, how-to guides, news items and coverage of contemporary issues affecting Konkanis living abroad.

Konkani Songs Online Live 24x7 Radio Broadcast Channel | Listen to Goa Konkani Songs MP3 Streaming Round The Clock

Broadcasting from Kuwait

Konkani Radio Goaworld airs a variety of songs online round the clock: Mando, Dulpod, Deknni etc.  The service is free and you can listen online Konkani songs by popular singers like Alfred Rose and his family, C. Alvares, Mohana, Betty Fernandes, Ophelia, M. Boyer, Young Chico, Romeo Mendes, Antonette, Felcy, Jr. Rod, Remo Fernandes, Lorna and so on.

Listen to Live Konkani Radio Online.

Jeevan | University | Tamil Actor Profile | Watch Interview With Jeevan Free Video Online

Tamil Movie Filmstar ProfileJeevan (born Vickey) is a popular Tamil Movie actor born in 1975 in Chennai (erstwhile Madras), Tamilnadu, India. His debut movie "University" was a box office blockbuster. At over 6' 2" in height, and with a Bachelor in Arts degree in Theater Arts from the Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Los Angeles, California, Jeevan's qualifications for lead roles in movies is impressive. Jeevan's influences include the iconic Rajanikanth and the brilliantly versatile Kamal Haasan.

Watch a free online video interview with Jeevan, from America Online (AOL).

Tel Koi - Koi Maach (fish) in Oil | Watch Bangali Ranna Online Free Video | Bengali Recipe Cooking Cuisine Video Guide

Authentic Bengali Cuisine Video Guide

A classic Bangal ranna - in close rivalry with the traditional Doi Maach (Click here to learn how to cook Doi Maach) of the ghotis, which I obviously prefer, being a pure-bred ghoti and a barendra brahman to add.  Learn to cook Tel Koi the bangal way: watch the free online video cooking guide:

Doi Maach - Yoghurt (curd) Fish | Watch Bangali Ranna Online Free Video | Bengali Recipe Cooking Cuisine Video Guide

Doi Maach - ethnic traditional Bengali style - an online video guide by by none other than a family member of the illustious Mallick Bari of Kolkata famous for their historic Durga Pujo. Ghoti culture & tradition.

Our Bengal | New Bengali Online Magazine / Bangla eZine / Bengali Webzine | Banglar Emotion Bangalir e-Patrika

Our Bengal

"Our ... Bengal" is a great new Bengali Online Magazine published at the URL www.ourbengal.com.  It is a welcome addition to the excellent and growing number of Bangla Online Magazines (eZines). Their debut issue is now online, and in an open letter, the editors have expressed their vision and their path forward. The Bengali Webzine will publish an eclectic mix of articles and reviews, including stories, poems, essays, plays, film and movie reviews, politics, a little magazine section, and of course Rabindranath Tagore related content.

Washington Bangla Radio wishes all the best to this great endeavor. Please visit their website and check out their wonderful effort.

Hindi Karaoke Bollywood Bombay Hits | Oldies & Latest Hindi Karaoke Instrumental Audio Songs

Karaoke Bombay Hindi Bollywood DJ Dance Hip Hop Bhangra Remix Hot Songs Listen Free Online Download MP3Sing along to your favorite Hindi / Bollywood / Bombay Film Song Hits - Latest New Hindi Movie Songs to Classic Oldie Romantic Hindi Film Songs Hits - check out our many hand selected Karaoke instrumental songs & albums available online from WBRi Deep Discount Karaoke Songs CDs MP3 download online store. The following are some of the albums are available - check out our fantastic prices on Bombay Hindi Karaoke song albums, including classic and latest hot new Hindi Bollywood Karaoke Duet songs instrumental albums:

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Happy Fathers' Day in Calcutta (Kolkata) Bengal India | Gifts for your Dad | American Consumerism reaches Indian Bengali Shores

Father's day is celebrated traditionally in the Western world to honor our fathers for everything they do for us through out their life. In the United States of America, Father's Day will be celebrated on June 21st, 2009. The holiday always falls on the 3rd Sunday of the month of June in the US.

  • In Australia, Father's Day is observed on the First Sunday in September.
  • Father's Day in Canada is observed on the third Sunday in June.
  • In the U.K. Father's Day is observed on the third Sunday in June.

In a bizarre and ridiculous turn of events, people in India, in a mad rush to emulate the western world, have recently decided to observe Father's day as well, and for some reason, the Indian choice is the date of the American Father's day.

Now - Father's day is a controversial event here in the US, with many people blaming the Designer brands for creating an artificial event to drive up sales. There is indeed some truth in the claim that Mother's day & Father's day were created by Hallmark. Since when did buying a greeting card for your father on Father's day equate to loving your father, they ask. Now, the same question can be asked of many Bengalis & Indians.

In the spirit of the season, we bring you great deals on some excellent books, music CDs and collectibles for you to send as a gift to your old man. Secure payment, genuine goods, cheapest online prices:


Hindi Bombay Non-Stop Bollywood Top Hits Online Radio 24x7 Live Dance Hot DJ Hip-Hop Bhangra Remix Punjabi Sindhi Mix Songs 24x7

Latest Bollywood Hits, old hindi movie songs, ghazals, remixes, pop, Punjabi bhangra, wedding songs - live online radio station channel - Listen to Non-stop live radio channel online Bombay Hindi Bollywood Radio 24x7!

There are many internet radio stations in the world today. We have located this station freely available online for you to tune into, play and listen online to live Hindi Punjabi Sindhi FM Internet Streaming Radio.  India Bombay Bollywood Hindi Punjabi Sindhi Pop Bhangra DJ Hip Hop Techno Remix Dance & Film Hits 24x7 Online FM Radio. New songs top hits hot songs round the clock.

Foreign Scholarships Available For Bengalis | Available Admissions for Bengal / Bangladesh Student Programs | Education & Career

Promote your web-site offering services to Bengalis through Washington Bangla Radio web-site: use our Contact link to publicize & promote your site.

Information available from Shiksabd.com is sorted nicely under the following categories:

  • Bangladeshi  Scholarship
  • Foreign Scholarship
  • Bangladeshi  University
  • Foreign University
  • Short Courses
  • Computer Courses
  • Others/Competition

International Student Aid, Scholarships, Admission Assistance, Application News For Studying At US & Foreign Schools / Universities Online: India / Bangladesh Student Education Career Opportunities


Surdas Bhajan | Raga Malgunji | Vidyadhar Vyas

Hindu Devotional Bhakti Bhajan Kirtan Arti Online Songs CD Sales

Vidyadhar Vyas is an eminent vocalist of the Gwalior style, with a warm, round tone extending into a sweet and ringing tenor region. Vidyadhar offers a buoyant, well-structured rendering of the sweetly romantic raga Malgunji and a Surdas bhajan (devotional song) set in the bittersweet raga Bhairavi.

1. Raga Malgunji: Vilambit Bandish in Ektal (43:50)    
2. Raga Malgunji: Drut Bandish in Tintal (12:18) 
3. Raga Malgunji: Tarana in Tintal (7:37)    
4. Raga Bhairavi: Surdas Bhajan in Dipchandi Tal (11:20)

Hear sample free & order this album online at a great price: on sale.

General Motors & Chrysler Bankruptcy Protection | What is the Bengali phrase for "Bankruptcy Protection" ?

Well - you and me and everyone else who pay taxes have now been paying the salaries of the business disasters GM & Chrysler. Finally the super genius MBAs of these companies have figured out that Bankruptcy protection would be a smart thing to do. So they have filed for Chapter 11. So ... what is the Bangla (Bengali) phrase for Bankruptcy protection ? I heard this hilarious translation on NHK Japan Bangla News: "Deulia Shurokkha" Have you heard any other phrases ? Leave a comment below.