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Kolaj - Bengalis In Hyderabad publish the first Bangla Magazine in Hyderabad

Bengali Online Magazine | Kolkaj

The not-for-profit Bengali organization "Bengalis In Hyderabad" (BIH) have published "KOLAJ", the first Bangla magazine in Hyderabad. The creative editorial team of Kolaj richly deserve commendation for their immense effort to compile and present a wonderful read.

Julia Stiles, Haley Bennett, Lily Cole are three sisters in Shekar Kapoor's Passage (2009) Short Film

Director Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth - The Golden Age) presents a unique story of three sisters reunited for one night that will transform their lives forever.

Bhajan, Sufi & Ghazal Singer Shevanti Sanyal To Perform Live at Panchamukhee Durga Utsav - Durga Puja 2009

Acclaimed Bhajan, Sufi & Ghazal Singer Shevanti Sanyal from New Delhi, India, will perform live at 2009 Panchamukhee Durga Puja in London.

Washington Bangla Radio to broadcast Mahalaya online at 4 AM Across various global time zones

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Upholding Bengali Radio tradition, Washington Bangla Online Radio will broadcast Mahishashura Mardini by Birendra Krishna Bhadra at 4 AM on Mahalaya day Sept 18, 2009 across various global timezones.

Hindu statesman Zed lauds Hollywood star Patrick Swayze for valor fighting cancer

Hollywood star Patrick Swayze, who learned meaning of love at Kolkata (India) slums in “City of Joy”, died on September 14 in Los Angeles (USA).

Disney exploring to bring Hindu mythological superheroes to screen, Hindus concerned

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Disney held talks with India’s Vimanika Comics to explore the possibility of bringing Hindu mythological superheroes to film and television, according to reports.

An evening of Recitation By Rain of Melody at G D Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata- Solo Performance by Sovan Sundar Bosu

On 11th September, 2009 Rain of Melody entered the World of Culture with their 1st presentation, Kobita Concert  9/11 dedicated to World Trade Center Tragedy as well as Swami Vivekananda’s speech on peace at Chicago on the same date at houseful G D Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata.

Review by our columnist, Subhomay Mukherjee

Hindus want Diwali & Holi added to restricted trading days list in Australia NSW

Hindus have urged New South Wales (NSW) government in Australia to add “Diwali” and “Holi” on the list of restricted trading days in the new law.

Dohar's New Album Matiswar (The Earth God) delivers Tagore Songs with unique Dohar Sound

Dohar is a rapidly advancing group of folk musicians from Bengal fast gaining popularity for their new-age experimental sound.

Karthik Das Baul and Dibyendu Mukherjee sing Bindaas Bangla (carefree Bengali)

Dibyendu Mukherjee and Karthik Das Baul - both self admitted crazy men - sing Bengali songs in a Bindaas fashion in the new CD released under the Orion Entertainment label.

Ustad Rashid Khan and Nachiketa Chakraborty's Yatra (journey) into Rabindra Sangeet

Ustad Rashid Khan and Nachiketa need no introduction in the Indian Music scenario. Yatra is a unique collaboration between the two to bring Rabindrasangeet and Hindustani Classical Raagas side by side.

Bravo Lisa Ray ! Indian-Americans laud actress Lisa Ray for triumphantly handling incurable cancer

Indo-Americans laud actress Lisa Ray for triumphantly handling incurable cancer.

Vatican’s “Id al-Fitr” message calling for an inter-faith effort to eradicate poverty is welcomed

St. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning Photo wa...Hindus laud Vatican’s call for religious camaraderie on poverty front

Welcoming Vatican’s “Id al-Fitr” message calling for interfaith efforts in overcoming poverty, Hindus have urged all religions to come together on this issue and make poverty eradication a moral priority.



Bengali singer Sutirth Mukherjee to release debut album "Fall In Love" in Kolkata

Bengali singer Sutirth Mukherjee to release debut album "Fall In Love" in Kolkata on Tuesday Sept 15.