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What's your Rashi ? (2009) Watch Official Promo Preview Trailers Free Online | UTV Motion Pictures via WBRi

What's Your Rashi (2009) Poster

Washington Bangla Radio movie news and entertainment blog, in association with UTV Motion Pictures, presents this exclusive promo trailer video of WHAT'S YOUR RASHI ? (2009) Hindi Bollywood movie. Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. Starring Priyanka Chopra, Harman Baweja, Suzy Brack and others.. PRODUCERS: Visit our web-site and contact us for free global promotion of your movies to our internet radio listeners and web-site visitors.

Potadar Kirti (2010) - Bangla Movie

PATADAR KIRTI - POTADAR KIRTIPOTADAR KIRTI is a Bengali movie upcoming in 2010, directed by Kolkata Bangla movie director Jeet Dutta. The film has a star cast from Kolkata and Bangladesh - including Rituparna Sengupta, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Shreya Pande, Ferdous andmore.

First Look at Jodi Ekdin (2010) Bengali Movie by Riingo Banerjee

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The posters and trailer of Riingo Banerjee's new Bengali film "JODI EKDIN" have been released.

Directed by Riingo, Jodi Ekdin has Indranil Sengupta and Priyanka Sarkar in lead roles. Music is by Joy Sarkar, set to lyrics by Anindya Chatterjee and Chandril of wannabe Bengali band "Chandrabindoo". Jodi Ekdin is produced by Orion Entertainment, a partner of WBRi Washington Bangla Radio. The release date of Jodi Ekdin is March 2010.

Priyanka Sarkar was last seen in Raj Chakraborty's Chirodini Tumi Je Aamar (2008) [BUY DVD] with a star cast of Rahul, Priyanka, Tamal Ray Chowdhury, Gita Dey, Rudranil Ghosh and music by Jeet Ganguly.

Here are posters of JODI EKDIN upcoming 2010 Kolkata Bengali movie:

Interview - Subrat Dutt : Bollywood, Hindi and Bengali Movie Actor

SUBRAT DUTTBengali film actor Subrata Dutta, who has also started to appear in Bollywood flicks as Subrat Dutt, has movies like Bibar (2006), Uttara (2000), Swapner Feriwala (2002), Doshta Dosh (2008), Chaturanga (2008), Tomar Jonyo (2008) in Bengali, and Lajja (2001), Mangal Pandey - The Rising (2005) in Hindi, to his credit.

In an exclusive interview with Mohua Das in The Telegraph, Indian actor Subrat Dutt talks about his award-winning performance in Madholal Keep Walking (2009). "The director Jai Tank had seen my showreel and felt I had a versatile face. It took a month to complete the look test since I was sporting a shaved head after (Suman Mukhopadhyay’s) Chaturanga." says Subrata.

HARIYE JAY (2010) Bengali Movie by Joy Mukherjee Exlcusive First Look | Abhishek Chatterjee, Gargi Roy Chowdhury, Nivedita

Cover of "Pyaasa"

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Guru Dutt (1925-1964), often credited for architecting the golden era of Bollywood Hindi cinema, is reported to have attempted suicide three times. A resident of Bhawanipur in Calcutta for some years, Guru Dutt spoke fluent Bangla and finished schooling in Calcutta. He would continue to retain Bengali cultural influences all his life.

Rajdrohi (2009) Fight Against The System Theatrical Trailer Release - Bengali Sci-Fi Movie Release in December 2009

Rajdrohi 2009 Bengali Movie PosterAvik Banerjee, the writer of the upcoming Kolkata Bengali movie RAJODROHI, has just released the first theatrical promo preview video of Rajdrohi on You Tube. Watch the trailer.

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Ekti Tarar Khonje (2010)

ARPITA PALWBRi promoting Bengali movies in the USA.

Ekti Tarar Khonje (2010) is the first Bengali movie directed by acclaimed cinematographer Avik Mukherjee. The star cast has the young Shayan Munshi, Prosenjit's second wife Arpita Pal Chatterjee, veteran actors Biplab Chatterjee and Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Rudranil Ghosh, Dibyendu, Bengali hero DEV and others. Lyrics are by Chandril and Anindya and music is by Prabuddha Banerjee.

Bengali Actress Reshmi Ghosh as Paromita in Pa Ma Ga Re Sa (2009) Bangla Movie - A Profile

Bengali Actress Reshmi GhoshWe can define the career of Reshmi Ghosh, Heroine of the Hit Bengali Movie on theatres now, as journey from Classy Kolkata family to the Glamour World. Reshmi has started her modeling career at very tender teen age and she has came in the limelight 1st when she has won the Sananda Beauty Queen Award – but there she has started her career of modeling and approaching towards acting domain.

3rd International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh

Tapan Sinha Retrospective

The Children's Film Society Bangladesh is organizing the 3rd International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh to open a new world of cinema to the children of Bangladesh and to give them an exposure to culture and tradition of different countries through film as a powerful media of art. The festival showcases Feature films, short films, animations and documentaries suitable for children and features a Competition for films made by children.

The New Age daily newspaper published from Dhaka reports in this article about a special Tapan Sinha Retrospective with 7 films by the acclaimed Indian filmmaker: "The organisers said they would arrange a programme ‘Tapan Sinha Retrospective’ in memory of the late Indian filmmaker. Tapan Sinha’s seven films will be screened at the festival and a discussion will be held on his life and works on January 26.
   Filmmakers Tanvir Mokammel, Tareque Masud and Yasmin Kabir will facilitate a daylong workshop for children on films on January 25 and a daylong seminar will also be held on January 27."

Read all about the 3rd International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh - Venue, Timings, shows, events.

Exclusive First Look at 033 (2010) Bengali Movie Releasing March 5, 2010

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033 Bengali Movie Poster


033 Latest Kolkata Bengali New Movie Poster | WBRi033 is the most awaited Bengali movie of 2010. It's style and presentation is unique and fresh. Read complete cast/crew details and synopsis. Watch trailers.


Raja Sen's Teen Murti (2010) | Exclusive First Look & Review | Story, Script, Music by Tapan Sinha

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Paoli Dam Bengali Actress Poster - Teen MurtiTapan Sinha wrote the story and script and composed music for Teen Murty. However, his health did not allow him to proceed with making the movie.
The project was taken over by Raja Sen, an acclaimed film maker by his own right, and a huge fan of Tapan Sinha's style of direction which Raja Sen has attempted to deploy in some his own movies. Read all about Teen Murti, listen to MP3 songs, and check out the wall papers and poster / still slideshow.

Film Review - CHA-E-CHUTI (2009) Bengali Movie - Tollywood Opens Up To Sex, Kisses and Lesbianism On Film

Cho-E-Chuti Poster Chaw E Chuti Chow E Chuti Kissing and intimate adult scenes are still cause of "news" in the Indian media, and worse, used to the hilt by Internet  keyword spamming web-sites whose only goal is to get traffic to click on their PPC ads to make money. Though such postings are not much more than irresponsible journalism, such noise does tend to drown what should be much bigger news in experimental cinema by new Bengali directors. While "Lip-Lock with Locket Chatterjee" is a great page title to get search engines to the post, it does not convey the nuances and context of the film or the director's intent of expression on film. Of course, this is assuming the director set out to make a meaningful film in the first place, and not a soft-porn movie.

Pa Ma Ga Re Sa (2009) Bangla Movie Review - report from the film's Premiere

Pa Ma Ga Re Sa Bangla Movie Poster

Subhomoy Mukherjee, Washington Bangla Radio Kolkata correspondent, attended the premiere of the latest Bangla movie Pa Ma Ga Re Sa and liked what he saw. He writes:

Pa Ma Ga Re Sa – Dekha hobe ki? I should say “Dekhte hobei” I mean it's a must see movie. Pa Ma Ga Re Sa is an addition to the league of contemporary off-beat urban audience oriented smart Bengali Movies for which Bengalis are coming towards Tollywood again, specially Generation Y because the movie has the entire flavour of Generation Y. Not only that, the movie is fresh in every sense as it is the 1st of production of Bunch of Buddies Production with new Director and Music Director as well as Actors like Rohit Ray and Reshmi Ghosh, basically from Mumbai TV industry, and Gauri Karnik ...

Read the complete Kolkata Bengali new movie review and watch the exclusive title song promo.

Kolkata Superhit Bangla Movie Bolo Na Tumi Aamar (2009) - Dev, Koel Mullick

Bengali Actress Koyel MallickDev-Koel in Sujit Mondol's Bolo Na Tumi Amar coming Christmas 2009. WBRi Washington Bangla Radio promoting Bangla cinema in the USA. Contact WBRi to buy international language dubbing rightsfor Bengali and Hindi movies.


Chandan Roy Sanyal

Acclaimed director Suman Mukherjee presents Bengali Movie Mahanagar @ Kolkata to be release in 2010. The credited star cast is Rituparna Sengupta,Chandan Roy Sanyal, Anjan Dutt, Sreelekha Mitra, Arun Mukhopadhyay and others.

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