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Washington DC Metro Area's Natananjali School of Dance Stages Spectacular Annual Show

By Bharati Mitra

Editor's Note: The author is the head of Tagore Music Group of Greater Washington DC who have been staging innovative musicals, dance dramas and plays across the USA. They performed their production "Arupratan" at North American Bengali Conference ("Banga Sammelan") and their new production "Chobi - A Musical" was critically acclaimed for it's pioneering fusion of Rabindranath Tagore and Burmese folk dance forms. You can listen to our interview with Bharati Mitra here.

Indian Classical Dance Performance by members of Natananjali School of Dance, Bethesda, Maryland

Performance by Natananjali School of Dance

At her school’s 2012 Annual Dance Show, Lakshmi Swaminathan, Dance Director and Proprietor of Bethesda-based Natananjali School of Dance (www.natananjali.com), demonstrated the level of discipline, determination, talent and vision usually found in a Fortune 500 Company CEO. The show, staged on December 8 at the JCCGW Kreeger Auditorium in Rockville Maryland, was as professional as it was enjoyable and educational.

Indian Classical Dance Performance by members of Natananjali School of Dance, Bethesda, Maryland

Indian Classical Dance Performance by members of Natananjali School of Dance, Bethesda, Maryland

Regular attendees of Natananjali’s shows know that “Lakshmi reaches new heights with every one of these performances.” The dance items were near perfect with vibrant yet traditional costumes, well-orchestrated and graceful movements, creative choreography and subtle yet fine-tuned expressions. It was quite obvious that hours of rigorous training and dedication, both from the teacher as well as each student, were behind such perfection. Read the complete report by Bharati Mitra exclusively at WBRi.

Interview: ARINDAM SIL - Director of the Celebrated Bengali film ABORTO, Noted Actor and Producer

Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahsan, Director Arindam Sil, Tollywood Actor Biplab Chatterjee in Shooting of KOLKATA BANGLA MOVIE ABORTO 2013
Jaya Ahsan, Arindam Sil, Biplab Chatterjee

Arindam Sil likes to try to live his life on his own terms, and despite of his myriad achievements in the performing arts, wonders if he has really done much. Thus starts off his fascinating conversation from the heart with Sayantanee Dutt of WBRi, over the course of which you will get to know the man, his life, philosophy, beliefs and of course the story of the making of his landmark Bengali film Aborto. An exclusive WBRi Audio Interview - Feature.

Bangladesh BD Actress Joya Ahsan and Director Arindam Sil
Arindam Sil explaining a scene to Jaya Ahsan

Interview: Up Close with Bangladeshi American Actress ISMAT ALAMGIR of SIMANAHEEN (2013) Bangla Movie

Bengali Actress Ismat Alamgir Bangladesh Wallpaper PosterThe dazzlingly beautiful lead actress of Bangla movie Simanaheen was born in Dhaka Bangladesh where she spent her early childhood before migrating with her family to the United States. Ismat Alamgir grew up in a culturally rich environment that most Bengali families naturally provide, developing a deep love for the performing arts and music. She chats with Gurjeet Singh of WBRi in an intimate interview about her background, and her characters and role in the Bengali film Simanaheen produced in the United States.

Interview: Actor Rahsaan Islam on Bangla movie Simanaheen, his Background and the Future - Hosted by Gurjeet Singh

Rahsaan Islam on cover of Man's World
Rahsaan Islam on cover of Man's World

We caught up with Rahsaan Islam in Mumbai, and Gurjeet Singh of WBRi chatted with him in this informal and candid audio interview about his background, Bangla movie Simanaheen and what we might be getting from Rahsaan going forward.

Interview: DJ BHAV AMAN Chats with Gurjeet Singh About His Career, Modeliing, Music and Much More (WBRi Exclusive)

DJ Bhav Aman - Dr. Bhav Aman Singh MTV India Spitsville 2 Poster WallpaperNew York City based DJ Bhav Aman shares his remarkable story of journey from Phagwara, Punjab to NYC via modeling in New Delhi and Mumbai and MTV appearances, exclusively with Gurjeet Singh of Washington Bangla Radio in an informal, candid and comprehensive chat in this audio interview.

DJ Bhav Aman is coming to DC thanks to Manan Singh Katohora & VITA to present RANGHOLI 2013.

Interview: Ria Mahtab - Co-Director of Bangla Movie Simanaheen (2013) Chats with Gurjeet Singh on WBRi

Ria Mahtab - Director, Bengali movie SIMANAHEENRia Mahtab describes Simanaheen from the unique perspective of a director as a love story from two different eras, but to the story of the love story they have brought a much deeper story about society. In this candid audio interview with Gurjeet Singh of WBRi, Ria also talks about her childood, growing up in Bangladesh and USA, her creative side and how she got into making a film. She also drops clues on what we can expect next from her. WBRi exclusive.

Interview: Kevin Dalvi - Co-Director, Simanaheen (2013) Bangla Movie Chats with Gurjeet Singh on WBRi

Writer, Director and Producer Kevin Dalvi

Kevin Dalvi was born in India and grew up in the United States. His interest in film-making blossomed early on when, through one of his family friends, he watched shooting of the Bollywood blockbuster "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun", including filming of Madhuri Dixit dancing to the legendary Hindi film song "Didi Tera Dewar Deewana". In this exclusive audio interview, Kevin gets candid with Gurjeet Singh on WBRi about Simanaheen, his career in film making, his other film "Promise Land" that is also about to open in theaters, and next projects.

MON BEDOUIN: Listen to Suvodeep Mukherjee's Bengali Audio Songs from New Romantic Album (Gathani Records)

Kolkata based singer and composer Suvodeep Mukherjee's  Puja 2012 album "MON BEDOUIN" was released by Gathani Records, Kolkata. This melodius and romantic album is all set to impress Bengali music lovers. The music is composed by Suvodeep himself, Shri Kundan Saha and Shri Kalyan Sen Barat while the lyrics has been composed by renowned lyricist Gautam-Susmit, Saptarshi and Dr. S.D. Chatterjee.

Listen to the Bengali modern songs audio album free online via WBRi, in association with Gathani Records, Kolkata.

Mon Bedouin Bengali Songs Album by Suvodeep Mukherjee

Somranjan Chakraborty - North Indian Instrumental Classical Guitar Chaturangui Artist (WBRi Feature)

Somranjan Chakraborty - North Indian Hindustani Classsical Instrumental Slide GuitarOne of the most talented Indian Classical Guitarists of the younger generation SOMRANJAN has the subtlety and sweetness in Raga  rendition and great energy on the stage.

PARIJAAT: The Bangla Folk Fusion Band from Kolkata (WBRi Feature)

One rainy evening of July 2007, a group of young men with dreams in their souls felt an inexorable need to express their thoughts, feelings and desires about the present society and the times. They decided to do so the only way they knew. Music, only Music, and nothing but Music.

And from that very moment the ball started rolling. Parijaat Bangla Band had arrived.

Interview: Deepika Padukone - Ram Leela a Gujrati Take on Romeo and Juliet

Indian Bollywood Hindi Film Actress Deepika Padukone

London, UK, Jan 25, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio) Deepika Padukone is on a high after the release of Cocktail, which got her critical acclaim, box office success and audience appreciation. Now, the actress will be seen as Aleena in Abbas-Mustan’s Race 2.

The 27-year-old sultry actress plays a beautiful, strong and passionate girl in this sequel to Race. She is a ruthless mind dwelling in a brilliant beautiful body.

In a candid chat with Bollywood Reporter Sunny Malik, the Race 2 star talks about the film and much more!

Interview: Actor Sujjoy Ghosh: "I Starved at the Doors of Coordinators"

Sujoy Ghosh

In this candid and comprehensive interview with WBRi about his career, past and future, upcoming Bengali film actor Sujjoy shares one ‘embarrassing’ experience after the release of 100% Love as well.

100% LOVE Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie DVD Blu-Ray Jeet Koel
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Interview: Actor Sumeet Sharma "Khalnayak nahi nayak hu main"

Having played the villainous roles on small screen Mathura resident Sumeet Sharma’s debut feature film releases on 28th December. Produced under the banner of (Chandigarh based) Pinta & Dehal Productions the film is directed by Harish Sharma. Recently during the music launch of the film we spoke to Sumeet, following are a few excerpts.

Indian Bollywood Film Actress Aakshi Khari Hot Scene with Sumeet
Actress Aakshi Khari with Sumeet Sharma

What is the story of this film? Tell us about your experience during shooting.

Interview: Janiva Roy on her new film Khushboo (2013)

Janiva Roy

Her melodious voice playing with musical notes has been enchanting music lovers since she started humming. With elegant beauty and the voice of a nightingale she is unique among today's Indian singers.

She is the only lady Ghazal singer from India today, whose performances across the globe continue to enthrall her fans world-wide. Ghazal is her favorite genre and it lives deep within her. WBRi correspondent Barshali Banerjee caught up with lovely Janiva Roy at a recent concert and chatted with her about her music, films and more.

From Rumpa Roy to Janiva Roy how did the journey mold your life?

Janiva RoyIt is God who bestowed his blessings on me.  Since just 12 years of age I have been performing in stage with my parents Bapi Roy and Shikha Roy. While performing in stage one day a Father of a renowned Church was present there over and mesmerized by my performance. After that he called me and gifted me with the lovely name Janiva, which was inspired from the small and wonderful city Geneva. I think it is his blessing to me that made the world to know a little person like me that I consider.

Being a Bengali yourself and trained in Indian classical music, Rabindrasangeet and other Bengali modern melody, how did you feel your inclination for Ghazals?

Interview: Actress Aakshi Khari

Aakshi Khari

She started her career as a Model, this Delhi based girl Aakshi KhariAakshi Khari debuts in feature film “2 Nights in soul valley” which is releasing on 28th December.  Produced under the banner of Pinta & Dehal productions the film is directed by Harish Sharma. Aakshi has though worked in ads and has been an accomplished model yet this being her first film we spoke to her about the film and her role. Following are a few excerpts.