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The Trash Superpower! - By Barnali Saha

Garbage Trash Dump & Ragpickers in KolkataThe Trash Superpower!

by Barnali Saha

Doesn’t it feel just fabulous to know that we can win the Nobel Prize? So what if the prize comes for filth and grime. As long we get the award, it doesn’t really matter on what subject it has been awarded. Everything is fair in Nobel and War! Shouldn’t we be proud that we, the citizens of India, have successfully polluted our country to such an extent that even Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh had to curtsy to our success and say that “I think our cities have the dubious distinction of being the dirtiest cities in the world. There is no doubt about it. But if there is a Nobel Prize for dirt and filth, India will win it.”

Ramkrishna Math, Baranagar, Kolkata celebrates Birth Anniversary of Maa Sarada with a Cultural Program

Ma Sarada Birthday - Rama Krishna Mission Math - Baranagar, KolkataOn 6th December, 2009 Ramkrishna Math, Baranagar, Kolkata organized Cultural Evening to celebrate Birth Anniversary of Maa Sarada, which is actually on 8th December, 2009.

Our Syndicated Columnist for Kolkata, Subhomay Mukherjee was present there in recitation and compering with Dance program comprising Jagatjyoti Banerjee in Odissi and Suman Das in Bharat Nattyam.

Watch online live video clips from this Kolkata event.

Sreyashi Mitra - Exclusive Audio Interview Feature : the acclaimed Bengali Rabindra Sangeet Singer

Sreyashi Mitra Sreyashi Mitra is a well-known figure amongst aficionados of Rabindrasangeet.

Subhomoy Mukherjee of Washington Bangla Radio met with Sreyashi in her residence and recorded an informal interview in late November, 2009. Listen to Sreyashi Mitra speak about her music, inspirations, career and vision.

Read all about Sreyashi and listen online to her Bengali Rabindra Sangeet songs.

Mon Diye Jaye Chena - A Bengali Short Story By Sudipuddin Srirampuri (মন দিয়ে যায় চেনা ...) | Bengali Online Magazine

Sudip Basu - WBRi Online Bangla MagazineWashington Bangla Radio Online Bengali Magazine presents "Mon Diye Jaye Chena" - a Bengali short story by Sudipuddin Srirampuri. This post is in Unicode Bengali font.

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The Youth Guild for Friendship, Kolkata (Calcutta) to organize a year-long music and cultural bonanza on 30th Anniversary

The Youth Guild for Friendship enters its 30th Anniversary on 1st December, 2009. It was founded to strengthen the bond of friendship and cooperation among the youth.

The Youth Guild for Friendship is organizing a social and cultural event starting from 1st December 2009. This event shall run throughout the year (i.e. 1st December, 2009 to 1st December, 2010).

YOUTH GUILD FOR FRIENDSHIP & RUSSIAN CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND CULTURE IN KOLKATA request the pleasure of your company at the Inaugural Ceremony of the 30th Anniversary of the Youth Guild for Friendship at Gorky Sadan on Tuesday 1 December 2009 at 5-30pm.

Read on for complete program and participant details.

Latest Twitter Scam Phishing Fraud Website ? Hey. tell me if thats you ... Rofl this you?

A bit surprised on the language, which is unlikely to be used by a CEO, we closely inspected the website referred to: video.twitter.expressplacement.com. To our surprise, this presented the twitter login page.

We believe this is a dangerous and false phishing site nothing to do twitter.

Nilratan Kanjilal - Bengali Folk and Baul Songs

Nilratan Kanjilal - Bengali Baul Songs SingerA pretty village in the district of Faridpur in the undivided Bengal (Now in Bangladesh), NILRATAN KANJILAL was born there on 1st March 1944. He is the eldest son of Late Satish Chandra and Kaushalya who both were in born folk singer. They both used to sing village songs in almost all of their daily sphere of working life. Thus Sri Kanjilal got an inherited sense of music. His grand mother could present mythological stories in an impressive manner through instantly creation lyrics. The grand mother thus made an influence directly to her grand son since childhood towards music.

Listen to Nilratan Kanjilal's Bengali classic folk songs online.

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Bengali Poem by Nilotpal Sanyal - আছি এক হয়ে | WBRi Online Bengali Magazine

Nilotpal Sanyal - Bengali Poetry | Bangla KobitaA poem "আছি এক হয়ে" by Nilotpal Sanyal - in unicode Bangla font. Nilotpal Sanyal is from a family (of north Calcutta) where music and literature are understood in several of their forms. Currently he is a doctoral student at University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA.

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The Crucial Moment - A short story by Dr. Ratan Lal Basu


Short Story by Dr. Ratanlal Basu

The crucial moment – lurking menacingly behind the overhanging veil of smog, stretching slowly out its awesome tentacles like a gigantic octopus and waiting patiently to pounce upon its prey. I’m ensnared, would in no time be drawn into the fold of the monster. The horror shoots up my spine, oozes out and encompasses the ambience. It’s there in the pale yellow of the building, wavering against the mellow dusk light beyond the veil of smog. I’m inescapably caught like a fish hooked tightly. Like the poor fish I would writhe, squirm, jump, circle and struggle by all conceivable means to ineffectually let go of the hook and more I struggle more firmly would the hook get riveted in me. As a last resort I might probably try to break the line by running away fast and the demon, like a deft angler, would give line until I wear off all my ability to move any further and then the final pull would drag me along limp into the fathomless horror. I could have dived into it right away and rid the agony of waiting, but the abiding horror failed me. It’s silly, I thought; I’ve brains unlike the fish and I know fully well I’ve to encounter it eventually ...

Moumita Mitra - Among the Finest of Contemporary Young Indian Classical Hindustani Vocal Singers

Moumita MitraMoumita Mitra is an outstanding contemporary Indian Classical vocalist. Listen to her superlative voice and mastery of Hindustani Classical vocal performance. Pundit Jasraj once commented "The girl(Moumita Mitra) who sang on stage just now, if she gets the right  opportunity, she will sing all over the country sooner or later. She has a flawless voice."

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Environment & Ecology in Kautilyas Arthasastra and their Modern Relevance - Dr Ratan Lal Basu

Dr.Ratan Lal Basu

Recent awareness and in many cases fuss about environment and ecology arose only since the middle of the twentieth century. In fact, the current wave of environment awareness got a fillip only after the United Nations Conference on Human Environment held in 1972 at Stockholm (Sweden), and the matter gained further importance after the Earth Summit held in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). However during the early 20th century Rabindranath Tagore dealt in detail with various aspects of environment (and in a more coherent way than the present day piece meal analysis) in various writings.

Empty Spaces - Kolkata Art Rock Band and their debut album Jibon Britto

Empty Spaces - Kolkata Bangla Band

Empty Spaces is a Kolkata Bangla Band, specifically an "Indian Art Rock Band", founded in 2005 by a group of graduate school students. In addition to Bengali rock music, the band has to its credit original English and Hindi compositions as well. Empty Spaces members actively try out alternative / experimental ideas with often impressive results, as you will hear in their music from their debut album "Jibon Britto" on this page.

An Evening With Dr Sreekumar Chattopadhyay - 50 Years of Rabindra Sangeet - Exclusive Interview

Dr Sreekumar ChatterjeeWatch the exclusive Washington Bangla Radio online video interview of the Rabindra Sangeet stalwart Dr Sreekumar Chattopadhyay as he remembers his 50 years of Rabindra Sangeet performances. Download the Music 2000 album containing 60 Rabindra Sangeet songs by Dr Sreekumar Chatterjee published on the 50th anniversary of his music exclusively from WBRi Digital MP3 Download store.

Jignasha Chinha - The Question Mark - Kolkata Bangla Band | WBRi Exclusive Feature

Calcutta Bangla Band Jignasha Chinha

JIGNASHA CHINHA - THE QUESTION MARK: Founded in 2004, Jignasha Chinha stands for the symbol " ? ". Their genre is Melodious Folks with some western inspirations, soothing for any generation. Read all about the Kolkata Bangla Band and listen to their music online. Washington Bangla Radio promotes Bengali Movies and independent and commercial Bengali Music in the USA and worldwide.

President Barack Obama presented Nobel Peace Prize 2009 for extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy

While this may raise some eyebrows, there is no question President Obama has already started to initiate fundamental changes in American foreign policy, sometimes quietly, as in the case of Cuba, and always with humility, like in the case of Iran. Humility does not translate to weakness, and thank you President Obama for reminding us all of that.