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Ichchhamoti Bengali Children's Online Magazine | Winter 2010 Issue Published

Icchamoti winter 2010

We are very happy to inform you the editors of Icchamoti have published the Winter 2010 issue of the wonderful ICHCHAMOTI Bengali Children's e-Zine.

Ichamoti (Ichchamoti) is one of the most-read Online Bengali Magazines for children in the United States.

The complete magazine is available online at www.ichchhamoti.org. A PDF Version is also available at the web-site for free download.

As always, read the great  poems, stories, travelogues, articles, movie reviews and so on, and spend hours having fun, irrespective of your age.

Interview - Naresh Thakur Baul - Bengali Baul from Bangladesh at 2010 Shaktigar Baul Fakir Utsav - by Tapan Sanyal

WBRi Exclusive Interview | Baul of Bengal - Naresh ChandraNaresh Thakur is a renowned and well known Baul living in Bangladesh. He has been singing for over twenty years. He has a son and a daughter, and travels across the length and breadth of Bangladesh in true Baul fashion. He has performed internationally on invitation, including in London and the USA. This time (Jan 10, 2010) he was visiting India - the famous Shaktigar Baul Fakir Utsav Festival. Naresh Thakur's primary influence is Baul Shah Abdul Karim (শাহ আবদুল করিম, 1916 - 2009) - one of the most famous legends of Bangladeshi folk music.

Naresh Thakur Baul sings a Dehatatwa song. He also sings a song by Shah Abdul Karim Baul.

Watch the interview video recorded and contributed by by Tapan Sanyal.

Dover Lane Music Conference (2010) - All Set To Commence

Washington Bangla Radio will present complete coverage of the 2010 Dover Lane Music Conference. For now, here is the full program schedule.

As one among the most famous Hindustani Classical events of the world, Dover Lane will organize its annual Conference this year from 22nd to 25th January, 2010.

Shankar Bhattacharjee and Bangla Band GaanDHaar | Singer - Songwriter - Composer from Burnpur / Asansol, West Bengal

Shankar Bhattacharya, born in Burnpur at the IISCO managed Burnpur Hospital, is the youngest of four children. His three elder sisters are married. Shankar's father has retired from IISCO. His mother, the sweetest person of his family, unfortunately passed away in 2006. Shankar currently lives with his father in Vaishno Tower in Burnpur.

Shankar founded the Bengali Rock Band named GaanDHaar. The band's compositions are cross-genre, including soft-rock, folk-rock and fusion music. GaanDHaar are: Saikat, Souvik, Ranjan, Avijit & Shankar. Shankar writes songs and composes music for GaanDhaar - his guiter helps him do so.He expresses his feelings ofsorrow, happiness and encouragement with his songs.

Listen to Shankar's music, and watch music videos of his songs.

MOU SANYAL - The Acclaimed Bengali Modern Singer with the sweetest of voices

Mou Sanyal


A versatile rising talent, Mou Sanyal (Talukdar) is a singer with a difference. Born in kolkata, Mou has been brought up in a family rich in culture. Her father Sri Narayan Sanyal is known for his contribution to Bengali Literature.

Learn all about Mou, listen to her beautiful sweet voice and world-class singing.

THE TERRORIST'S LEAFLET - A Short Story By Dr Ratan Lal Basu | WBRi Online Magazine


Dr Ratan Lal Basu

A short Story

Hello, doing your morning walk?

The loud voice made me look back without any conscious effort. I had already recognized from the voice, the sub-inspector residing just three houses away from my newly constructed rural house. In fact, he was my first acquaintance and may be the most well known person in this new unfamiliar place. He on his own made acquaintance with me as soon as I started constructing the house. This helped me in three ways. First I got some garrulous person to spend the odious time of looking over construction work (he had very little job in the police station of this extremely peaceful locality, and his absence was desirable for obvious reasons to constables and other subordinate staff). Second, my intimate friendship (as it appeared) with the police officer made the masons and suppliers of building materials cooperate with me in a way more than expected. Third, the local clubs exempted me from the subscription considered due from any new comer.

Kabir Suman - Chatradharer Gaan - Listen to the new album online in MP3

Chatradhar Mahato was the adivasi leader who's...

Chatradhar Mahato | Image via Wikipedia

Washington Bangla Radio presents the complete new album  Chatradharer Gaan by Kabir Suman. Listen free to the full album online in MP3 format using the player below.

This album is presented by Washington Bangla Radio by permission and with blessings from Kabir Suman himself.


1. Chhotrodhorer Gaan.mp3
2. Amar Premer Gaan.mp3
3. Bonduk Nile Hate.mp3
4. Age Bhot Din.mp3
5. Dundubhi.mp3
6. Gaaye Bidroho.mp3
7. Jongol Tumi Kaar.mp3

Kabir Suman has created  news with his new album titled "Chatradharer Gaan" release. The album is a tribute to Chhatradhar Mahato.

Pandit Subhankar Banerjee - Interview | Indian Classical Instrumental Tabla Maestro | WBRi Exclusive

Shubhankar Banerjee online interview (video)Pundit Suvankar Bandopadhyay – the Living Legend. Though he does not like salutation as Pandit or living legend but the world recognizes him as Pundit and Living Legend  so we salute him. We are proud to get him in a very informal hour long discussion with us at a Sunny Sunday Morning. We covey our sincere gratitude to him.

Watch the complete hour-long exclusive WBRi video about Pt. Banerjee.

A New Year's Poem by Sukanya Dutta

Sukanya Dutta

Washington Bangla Radio Online Magazine: A poem by Sukanya Dutta to welcome the new year.

World Instrumental Fusion Music and Video Slideshow by TMuse

Watch the video slideshow accompaniment to World Fusion Instrumental Music composed by Tapan Sanyal and performed byTripti Sanyal (vocals), Ayan Mukherjee (keyboards), Rohan Dasgupta (sitar) and Tapan Sanyal (tabla).

Major Singh's Secret | A Short Story by Dr Ratan Lal Basu | WBRi Kolkata Bangla Radio Online Magazine

Short Story by Dr R L Basu

Everybody gathered around major Singh and started showering kudos. He had done a remarkable job, to drive away the terrorists from the jungles and difficult hill tracts to the foreign land and the borders have been sealed so that the area is now free from the long lasting menace. All the earlier missions had failed miserably and during the last few months, the terrorists had stepped up the intensity of their heinous activities  murder of political men, looting, robbery, abduction of government officials, attacking the police stations, laying mines on the roads and similar anarchic activities terrorizing the inhabitants and causing headache to the administration. The terrain bordering a foreign country and infested with deep forest and inaccessible hilly tracts made the operations difficult. After several abortive police operations the authorities at last find no alternative but to resort to military action and Colonel Srinivasan was entrusted with the task of organizing the operation.

Sourabh Goho - The Young Expert of Indian Classical Instrumental Tabla

Sourabh Goho | Washington Bangla Radio ExclusiveSOURABH GOHO

Son of Renowned Harmonium Exponent PANDIT JYOTI GOHO, Sourabh was nurtured into Tabla Playing from a very tender age of 5.

He started Learning Under The Legendary Tabla Maestro, PANDIT SHANKAR GHOSH, from age 7, since 1998.

His First Performance was at the age Of 10, with his Guruji Pandit Shankar Ghosh's Orchestra in the year 2000.

In 2003,He got a Special Prize from Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, in an Instrumental Competition. After this, he was invited by Vistaar - An Organization for Promoting Indian Classical Music. This was his Debut Solo Performance in the year 2003. The next Day , his picture came out in Hindusthan Times (HT City) With Reviews appreciating his performance. This is a very rare achievement in a Debut Performance.

Interview - Rajesh Roy, Music Director and Pritha, Playback artist | PA MA GA RE SA (2009) Kolkata Bengali Movie

Rajesh Roy - Bollywood and Bengali Film Songs Music ComposerThe credited cast and crew of the Bengali movie Pa Ma Ga Re Sa are mainly from Mumbai, bringing to the film an essence of true professionalism, but at the same time they wish to send one message to the audience: the film is truly Bengali in flavour as almost all members of the cast and crew are Bengali by ethnicity. So the music director Rajesh and the lead female playback singer Pritha are both Mumbai based Bengalis.

Watch the WBRi exclusive video interviews of Rajesh and Pritha, music director and playback singer of Pa Ma Ga Re Sa (2009) Bengali movie online.

Interview - Actress Reshmi Ghosh - Heroine of Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie PA MA GA RE SA (2009)

Actress Reshmi Ghosh Picture WashingtonBanglaRadio.com Exclusive Reshmi Ghosh interview. Reshmi Ghosh is a popular Kolkata Bengali Movie (Tollywood), Hindi (Bollywood) and Television actress, and was crowned Miss India in 2002. Reshmi has the played the lead role of Paromita in the latest Bengali Cinema PaMaGaReSa.

Holiday Shopping!! Barnali Saha shares some great tips for finding the right gifts for our loved ones

Holiday Gifts!With the holiday season round the corner and Christmas about to ring its bells, holiday gift-giving is the talk of the town. Now those of you for whom this time of year is the full moon night of wish fulfillment and heartwarming gifts, they need not worry, but for those of us, who are awarded with useless souvenirs and tchotchkes, the holiday season is nothing short of a scary Halloween party. Close your eyes and luxuriate in the grim memories of age old chocolates, expired gift cards, customized pj's. Arent they a delight to reminisce? Ah Not so much, you might say. So buckle up butter cups and bring worldly order to your gift ideas. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect gifts for someone special.

By Barnali Saha.