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Interview - TANAJI DASGUPTA - Actor in Bengali movie RANG MILANTI, MADLY BENGALI & co-founder of TIN CAN theater group

Germantown, Maryland, October 24, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Writer, director, actor Tanaji Dasgupta is appearing in a Bengali film RANG MILANTI directed by Kaushik Ganguly. Tanaji's debut feature film as an actor was Anjan Dutta's 2009 film MADLY BANGALI (DVD release). In this exclusive, comprehensive and informal audio interview, Arijit Chakrabarty of Washington Bangla Radio caught up with Tanaji soon after he returned from a very busy shooting stint in Bangladesh.

Film-maker Kaushik Ganguly was actually Tanaji's Bengali language teacher for a year when Tanaji was in 9th grade at middle school !

Bengali film-maker Kaushik Ganguly's earlier movies include Jackpot (DVD) starring Hiran Chatterjee, Koel Mullick, Rahul and Sohini Pal; Just Another Love Story and Shunyo E Bukey (DVD) starring Rupa Ganguly, Churni Ganguly, Koushik Sen, Tota Roy Chowdhury and Dipankar Dey.

Film Review: LITTLE ANGEL (2010) - a smart Salil Sarkar short film on socio-economic reality of India

Germantown, Maryland, Oct 23, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio)  Little Angel is a master stroke of director Salil Sarkar who has directed a lot of telefilms and big screen movies for the popular TV channels and production houses. Little Angel is his recent effort. His last feature film was “Jhara Patar Bela” featuring Madhavi Mukherjee.

Little Angel tells us the tale of friendship between two little children, their captive lifestyles, dreams, and the reality of socioeconomic layers of the developing countries like India.

Read all about the film and watch the theatrical trailers online on Washington Bangla RadioTM.

Bengali Movie FIGHT 1:1 completes shooting - a fresh film starring Satabdi Roy

SATABDI ROY - Tollywood Kolkata Nengali Film Actress at Chitrabani
Actress Shatabdi Roy at Chitrabani - Image (c) Aditya Chakrabarty / WBRi

Calcutta, Oct 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The shooting of a new Bengali film Fight 1:1 has just ended. It is based on the rivalry between two groups in college, one group whose allegiance is to Rohit and the other whose allegiance is to Julius group.

The college principal played by veteran Tollywood actress Satabdi Roy also has a very important role to play over here as she tries to maintain law and order as well as balance between the two groups so that they do not get too violent on campus. This is a new and fresh film and many people should be able to relate to it. Besides Satabdi Roy who plays the part of the principal, there are several youngsters like Raja, Mouli, Pamela, Raj, Moumita and others and it even features Paran Banerjee and even Tapas Pal and Dolon Roy in special appearances.

Read all about the upcoming Tollywood Kolkata Bengali film on Washington Bangla Radio.

Sunil Gangopadhyay's MONER MANUSH - An Audio-Book CD Collection on writings on LALON FAKIR from Bangla Beyond Borders

Germantown, Maryland, Oct 21, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Published in 2008, the novel Moner Manush is a biographical account of Lalon Fakir - the Emperor of the Bauls - through the eyes of the acclaimed Bengali poet and writer Sunil Gangopadhyay.

Fakir Lalon Shah was a folk philosopher and composer, born in 1774 in the present district of Kushtia in Bangladesh. The novel depicts the life experiences of Lalon: his childhood; the tragic separation from his family; his settlement in the forest away from locality and the growth of his follower community and his simple philosophy of life. Lalon's life and his beliefs have a huge relevance in todays world when religion has divided our society. Lalon lived between institutional religions and called for a unified approach towards realising the presence of 'God' within the human body. His songs give subliminal exposures to the reality that lies beyond the material world and show the triviality of any attempt to divide people both materially or spiritually.

Watch a video preview of the Audio-book online.

Interview: KAYA Kolkata Bangla Band talk to Tapan Bera, President of Sanskriti of Washington DC, USA

Germantown, Maryland, October 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Kolkata Bangla Band KAYA known for their pioneering Bengali folk-fusion songs delivered a spectacular concert at the Sanskriti Durga Puja on Oct 16, 2010 in Washington DC, USA.

RajuSubir (right) and Arindam (left)ArchanBubai

KAYA explain in this interview hosted by Tapan Bera, President, Sanskriti Bengali Association of Washington DC Metro area, how the experience of their 2nd USA tour is different from the first one, in terms of fantastic audience response and ambience. They convey their appreciation of the audience participation and the unique experience of having the audience singing along with them - aspects of their shows that are rare.

Watch the full interview video with KAYA band of Kolkata exclusively from Washington Bangla Radio.

Kolkata Bangla Band KAYA Live in USA - Sanskriti Washington DC Concert Video

Kolkata Bangla Band KAYA - Folk Rock Fusion

Germantown, Maryland, Oct 17, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The popular and award-winning music band KAYA from Kolkata performed live at the annual Durga Puja festival organized by Sanskriti of Washington DC Metropolitan area to a full auditorium at Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland on October 16, 2010.

Kaya is the winner of BIG Bangla Rock/Pop song of the year at IDEA BIG BANGLA MUSIC AWARDS held at Science City auditorium, Kolkata on Aug 13th, 2010. KAYA also composed and performed the music in Bappaditya Bandopadhyay's National Award winning film HOUSEFULL (2009) in which playback singer NILANJANA SARKAR received the best playback singer (female) award.

Sanskriti is one of oldest and highly respected Bengali cultural organizations in the United States, acclaimed for it's organizing abilities including hosting the best North American Bengali Conference (NABC) ever in 2004 - a feat that is expected widely to be surpassed by Sanskriti's organization of NABC 2011 once again.

After Kaya's fabulous live show, Sanskriti's president Tapan Bera hosted an exclusive Washington Bangla Radio interview with the talented members of the band that is posted separately on this web-site.

Watch Washington Bangla Radio exclusive live coverage video of KAYA performing live in Washington DC, USA and relive the evening if you were there.

Interview: Egaro The Eleven (2011) Bengali Film Music Directors Mayukh-Mainak & Lyricist Sumanta Choudhury

EGARO The Immortal Eleven Tollywood Calcutta Bengali Movie PosterCalcutta, India, October 10, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mayukh and Mainak are music directors and Sumanta Choudhury is the lyricist of the Bengali film EGARO - THE IMMORTAL XI  that celebrated the best of Indian soccer (football) and the July 29, 1911 historic victory of the Calcutta-based Indian team of Mohun Bagan against the British East Yorkshire Regiment, thus winning Mohun Bagan the IFA Shield for the first time ever for an Indian team. Egaro is directed by Arun Roy and produced by Anilava Chatterjee.

In this audio interview presented by WBRi on-demand radio service, Mayukh, Mainak and Sumanta talk to Subhomoy Mukherjee, reporter in Kolkata for Washington Bangla Radio. We have previously presented a video interview of Anilabha Chatterji which you can watch online here.

Interview | Shuman Chattopadhyay - CEO, Cozmik Harmony, Kolkata and the latest MP3 Download audio songs album releases

Germantown, Maryland, USA, Oct 9, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Shuman Chattopadhyay is the CEO of the top Kolkata Bengali music producer, publisher and record company COZMIK HARMONY.

Shuman Chattopadhyay of Cozmik HarmonyShuman Chattopadhyay talks to Tanima Singha informally in this audio interview on Washington Bangla Radio.

Cozmik Harmony audio songs albums can be downloaded from Washington Bangla Radio online MP3 Download store.

Shuman says there is no dearth of fresh talent in India and particularly Bengal, and draws our attention to the fact that contestants from Bengal are always present in any national-level talent hunt in India (Indian TV channels air a lot of talent-hunt shows that are immensely popular among the audience). Shuman also mentions the sweetness and melody inherent in the Bengali language, perhaps resulting in a majority of the greatest composers, singers and artists in the music industry continuing to have roots in Bengal and Bengali - Kishore Kumar, Pancham-da, Sachin Dev Burman, Manna Dey, Hemant Kumar and so on from the nostalgic period to today's Shreysa Ghoshal, Shaan, Kumar Sanu etc.

Listen to the audio interview online.

Interview | Film-Maker Sekhar Das - "acting was an accident" | NECKLACE, Krantikal, Kaler Rakhal, Mahulbanir Sereng

Sekhar Das is a well known film director now but there is a long path of preparation for making of this director of substance. In this audio interview. Subhomoy Mukherjee of WBRi talks to Sekhar Das about his career in acting, film-making and upcoming Bengali movie NECKLACE.

Though he has started his career in the insurance field with a higher rank, he was a addict of movie and theatre and he has felt very free with his friends like Actor Anjan Dutta, Director Rabi Ojha, etc. that time.

Even Mrinal Sen has chosen him to act with Anjan Dutta in Dutta’s debut film Chalchitro (1981) but his physical condition has not allowed her to act in film that time. Also nnown as The Kaleidoscope, the Anjan Dutt, Gita Sen, Utpal Dutt, Nilotpal Dey, Arun Mukherjee starrer CHALACHITRA is available worldwide on online DVD release here.

His passion for creative world and his creative sense have led him to be in theatre as an actor – director.

He has become very successful with his theatres that time.

But he is a man who does not like to stick to a particular medium for long time. He feels very tired as a monotonous one.

Then he started acting in television. In the mean time he left his job also. At that time he was very popular as script writer for television daily soaps also. He started writing script with second part of 1st Bengali daily soap “Janani”. But he became famous as script writer with “Mohini”. He could earn a lot as script writer but he felt very bored and started other creative works and started the plan to direct films.

CALCUTTA BENGALI MOVIE MAHULBONER SERENG DVD RELEASETowards the beginning of this decade, Sekhar Das surprised the Bengali film audience with Mahulbaneer Sereng (2004) which is the debut film for actress Chandreyi Ghosh (Sabyasachi Chakrabarty and Rupa Ganguly are also in the star cast) and the film has won many awards at different film festivals of the World. Click here to order Mahulbanir Sereng: Songs of Mahulbani on DVD release online.

Mahulbani depicted the root cause of tribal problems very vividly.

KRANTIKAAL Calcutta Tollywood Bengali Movie DVDWith the success of Mahulbani, he has tried with an entire new topic; terrorism in North Bengal at “Krantikaal” starring Shilajit Majumdar, Rupa Ganguly, Soumitra Chatterjee, Haradhan Bannerjee, Arjun Chakraborty, Ashok Mukherjee, Alaknanda Roya and others. Buy KRANTIKAL (2005) Bengali movie DVD here.

After Krantikaal, he has made ‘Kaler Rakhal” (2009) which portrays the problems of village based actors, village politics of Bengal as well as dilemma of Village life in Bengal, starring Parambrata Chatterjee, Nandana Sen, Rudranil Ghosh, Rupa Ganguly, Soumitra Chatterjee, Chandrayee Ghosh, Kunal Mitra, Usashi Chakraborty, Santilal Mukherjee, Debesh Roy Chowdhury and more. Order Calcutta Bengali movie KALER RAKHAL on DVD Worldwide online here.

As he has made all the above mentioned films on village life as a trilogy, this time he has decided to make a film on City life and the result is “Necklace” which will release at theatres by end of November, 2010.

We are eagerly waiting for the release of this movie and expecting another sensational  and successful creation by Sekhar Das.

Listen to the exclusive audio interview of director Sekhar Das on Washington Bangla Radio audio-on-demand free service.

Live Mahalaya Broadcast - Birendra Krishna Bhadra on WBRi Washington Bangla Radio USA at 4 AM Worldwide Free MAHISHASUR MARDINI

As in past years, Washington Bangla Radio USA (WBRi) - the pioneering internet Bengali online Radio station - will air Birendra Krishna Bhadra 's legendary Mahishasurmardini program on the day of Mahalaya. The 4 AM Indian time program is a direct world-wide relay from Akashvani Kolkata. Brought to you courtesy of Saregama USA. Read more to find out how to tune in.

WBRi *Exclusive* Interview | Actress Megha Burman - portrays love as Razia in DAM 999 Indian 3D Hollywood movie

Marian Chatterjee talks to Indian actress Megha Burman. Megha plays the role of Raziya in Sohan Roy's international 3D film DAM 999. Raziya depicts Shringara (love) rasa in the movie with green as the color denoting the emotion. Her character Raziya is the love interest of Captain Fredric Brown played by Joshua Frederic Smith. As you know, WBRi has published a wonderful interview (audio) with Joshua Frederic Smith in this post. Megha's other co-stars in DAM 999 are Ashish Vidyarthi, Linda Arsenio, Rajit Kapur, Joshua Fredric Smith, Vinay Rai, Jaala Pickering, Vimala Raman and Jineet Rath with guest appearances by Thampy Antony, Gary Richardson, Alok Misra, Harry Key and Michael Eshwar.

Bengali Actress MEGHA BURMAN and Hollywood Hero Joshua Frederic Smith in DAM 999 3D Indian MovieMegha Burman was born and grew up in Calcutta (now called Kolkata), studying till the 10th grade there. Megha was actively interested and participated enthusiastically in an eclectic range of activities, including playing squash and tennis, playing the drums (she still has a 5-piece set), swimming and so on. Megha says one of the TV programs she loved as a young girl was WWF (World Wrestling Federation) shows, sometimes causing her mother much concern.

Listen to the complete interview and meet Megha Burman on Washington Bangla Radio.

Interview | Film-Maker SUNIT BHATTACHARYA (Director, Kolkata Bengali Movie SMRITI MEDUR) talks to MOU SANYAL, acclaimed singer

SMRITI MEDUR - Kolkata Bengali Movie Poster

Smriti Medur premiered in Kolkata at the Nandan cinema hall on April 2, 2009. The film is written and directed by Sunit Bhattacharya with music direction by Soumitra Talukdar & Subho Nandi. Lyrics are penned by Tarun Singha.

Soumitra Talukdar and Mou Sanyal talk to the director Sunit Bhattacharya on Washington Bangla Radio in this exclusive and intimate interview  about the film-maker's career in films.

Watch the full interview video online and check out the posters featuring Bengali actress Sreelekha Mitra with actor Ritwick Chakraborty.

Interview | MOU SANYAL - The acclaimed Bengali singer from Kolkata with the sweetest of voices

An exclusive & intimate interview by Soumitra Talukdar on behalf of Washington Bangla Radio with Mou Sanyal, an acclaimed singer, also with a famous cultural background, a daughter of famous writer Narayan Sanyal who is known worldwide for his contribution to Bengali Literature.
Mou Sanyal Talukdar

CALCUTTA, Oct 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mou Sanyal started to learn music at an early age from  her elder sister Anindita (Sanyal) Basu. After that she received musical training in Rabindra Sangeet at Dakskhini . She was trained by Arati Bagchi in classical music at Saurav.

Watch the complete video interview and listen to Mou Sanyal and her songs at Washington Bangla Radio.

Interview | Joshua Fredric Smith - Actor (DAM 999, The Road To Freedom) - "India is a dream" | Audio


Marian Chatterjee talks to Joshua Fredric Smith on Washington Bangla Radio in this informal and very interesting audio recording.

The first thing that strikes us, as it will surely strike you, is the immense enthusiasm and energy that radiates from Hollywood actor Joshua Frederic Smith. As you probably know, putting the label "Hollywood actor" on Josh would be immensely unfair - his thirst to get to know the world and the different peoples and cultures has led him to perform in films shot and produced in parts of the world far away from the glitz of Hollywood - films that capture events of great historical significance or try to tap into the limitless depths of timeless eastern philosophy. Josh has had a spectacular career so far and is still very young with adventure and curiosity about world cultures in his heart - we will no doubt continue to see wonderful films starring Josh as he ascends further.

Listen to the interview online via Washington Bangla Radio's free on-demand audio service.

Interview: PADAKSHEP challenging economic hardship for higher education via scholarships for gifted students in Bengal and India

Salt Lake City, Utah, Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio USA) Padakshep (the word in Bengali means "Footsteps") is a philanthropic organization operating from Salt Lake City, Utah, The USA actively providing financial assistance to meritorious students in West Bengal whose capital performance at the high school level would otherwise not have resulted in undergraduate studies due to their inability to bear the financial burden.

They write in their web-site www.padakshep.org, "Padakshep a dream shared by a group of like-minded people, that rests its faith in the notion that education can make a huge difference in shaping a society. We further believe that the responsibility to realize this dream lies with each and everyone of us who has had the good fortune to avail higher education, and thus the various good opportunities in life. With this vision, plenty of hope, and your generous help we have taken a small step - a Padakshep."

Washington Bangla Radio USA had an opportunity to talk to two of the core members of the organization that truly propels the careers of the gifted. Arijit Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio USA talks to Dr. Debansu Chaudhuri, Vice Chairman, and Arnab Rudra, treasurer and enthusiastic member of Padakshep in this audio interview that you can listen to by pressing the Play button in the audio player in the full article.