Zee Talkies to Bring Short Films in "Talkies Lighthouse" TV Show to Maharashtra Audiences

Zee Talkies

Zee Talkies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Joyline Rego

Mumbai, January 6 (Washington Bangla Radio) - For the first time ever on television, Zee Talkies is all set to bring the short film format to the audience of Maharashtra with Talkies Lighthouse. The TV show will include a series of handpicked short films, wrapped in an entertaining format of 90 minutes to be telecast on the channel, starting January 10, 2016.

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The short films will be showcased by lead actors Lalit Prabhakar, a well-known television and theatre actor, and Neha Mahajan from the ‘Coffee aani Barach Kahi’ fame.

Speaking about Talkies Lighthouse, Bavesh Janavlekar, Business Head, Zee Talkies, said, this is the first ever initiative in the Marathi entertainment arena, and one that has been packaged differently. "The output of Marathi films has accelerated in the last 2-3 years. We believe that there is a lot of talent which is unexposed due to lack of opportunities. There are aspiring film makers who have limited access to the audiences even though with a good product in hand. Until now, we were only focusing on films and film-related events, and this is the first time we are exploring an innovative approach to launch short films in a show wrapped around entertainment."

Positioning itself as a purely film entertainment channel, Zee Talkies with this initiative seeks to provide budding actors and directors an opportunity to show their talent with Talkies Lighthouse. With an aim to connect with the youth through the rising trend of short films, Zee Talkies Lighthouse is a unique initiative that brings talent to the limelight.