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By Gargi Mandal Mukherjee

Gargi Mandal Mukherjee - Poetess & Photographer
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There are always memories for solace…
Blind sacrament even time fears to kill.
Words leave the bitter taste of raw-sweet days
But colours clot crumpled wounds, too sore to fill.

And yet – divine the darkness of first love!
Alms of careless candour clutched home to heart,
Nuances lost to prejudiced eyes that strove
To overlook signals, reading truth in art.

Four years – so short it sounds to the ear…
No, stranger, ask not how many I thought ;
You, honey-happy in budding bliss, dare not hear
The terrible tears of lost wars I have fought.

Gargi Mandal Mukherjee - Poetess & Photographer GARGI MANDAL – MUKHERJEE  is currently a resident of Somerville, New Jersey, USA. Hailing from Kolkata, India, she whiles away her leisure by arresting the mesmerizing moments of life in words and photographs. Gargi can be contacted at

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