"Yes, I met Afridi in Dubai during Twenty20, I did not have Sex with him, it was just a Friendly Meeting" - Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan

Finally the cat is out of the bag. Both the Indian and Pakistani gossip media has been going bonkers over the last few days over a so-called “private meeting in Dubai” between Indian model and actress Arshi Khan and Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi.

While the Pakistani blaster and T20 captain Shahid Afridi has more or less been very silent about rumors and gossip about his alleged “affair” with Mumbai-based model and actress Arshi Khan, the controversial model has not lost a chance to display her affection and love for the Pakistani skipper.

After about six months after the news first surfaced in the media, a local UAE paper has claimed that the two were recently spotted in Dubai. The gossip article does not mention dates, but it’s known that Shahid Afridi was in Dubai for the Pakistan Super League, a Twenty20 tournament, which was played in Dubai and Sharjah.

Arshi Khan has earlier admitted that she was in Dubai during the same time the Twenty20 tournament was held, but did not comment on meeting Afridi. While the local UAE gossip press managed to get the news – and we are told a few photographs of the exclusive meeting between Afridi and Arshi Khan, both of them kept their lips sealed. However, after about one month, in an exclusive interview to IndiaNewsNetwork.IN, Arshi Khan admitted that she did indeed meet up with Shahid Afridi in Dubai during the  Twenty20 tournament.

Yes I met Afridi in Dubai during the Twenty20, So What? I did not have Sex with him, it was just a “Friendly Meeting”

She blasted the press for making it seem as though the two met clandestinely and in secret. Arshi Khan however did add hastily: “It was a friendly meeting. It was more like I was meeting Afridi like many of his fans in Dubai did.

Cricket lovers will recollect that England had won the toss and had selected to bat first. In front of a sold-out Dubai International Stadium, Afridi first took three wickets for 15 runs in his four overs to help restrict England to 172-8. He then smashed 24 runs from eight balls, with three sixes, to take his side to within 25 runs of victory in the last two overs.

However, in spite of a very impressive and thrilling performance by Shahid Afridi, England won the second Twenty20 international by three runs to clinch the three-match series 2-0, despite an aggressive and brilliant all-round effort from Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi.

A spokesperson for Shahid Afridi had earlier clarified that the skipper met hundreds of fans in Dubai and Sharjah during the tournament.

“It is possible that Afridi met Arshi Khan during that time as a fan,” was the official comment from Afridi’s side. However, the UAE paper had maintained that the two met privately during the tournament, a charge which both parties had earlier denied.

The UAE paper did not mention any location where the meeting took place. Earlier, Arshi Khan did not admit, nor did she deny meeting Shahid Afridi in Dubai during the 20-20 tournament. Arshi Khan’s reply then about ten days ago, was “no comments”. She did however confirm that she was in Dubai during the same time when the 20-20 matches were held. This is what Arshi Khan had told us two weeks ago:

“Yes I was in Dubai and was living with my relatives,” she said. When we asked her if she did meet Afridi, she said, “Please ask Afridi, I will not comment at all. But it is true I was in Dubai during the 20-20 matches, but it was for a personal family reason”.

Well, it now looks like the personal family reason that Arshi Khan mentioned was none other than Afridi.

Tsk, Tsk. whatever be the reason, the two lovebirds do manage to find a way to seek behind the backs of the paparazzi and meet up in secret. As they say, pyar kiya toh darna kya aur miya-biwi razi toh kya karega kazi…

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