Watch: Sonam Kapoor surprise revealed video

By Priyanka Basu, Everymedia

Actress Sonam Kapoor (WBRi File Photo)
Sonam Kapoor (WBRi File Photo)

Mumbai, April 29 - Earlier this week, Sonam Kapoor posted a mysterious video on her Facebook page which left us all confused and guessing about her weird behaviour. Sonam Kapoor finally revealed the secret via another video on Facebook last night. #SonamSurprise is out now and it is her own iOS and Android App. How cool is that?

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An elated Sonam Kapoor, said: “I absolutely adore my fans! One of the most enjoyable things about what I do is getting out there, meeting people and hearing reactions to my work. My App means I’ll now be able to keep in touch and share experiences with fans worldwide, even when I’m busy filming.”

This app has access to all her behind the scenes videos, pictures, photo shoots, tips from her and what’s really exciting is that once you have the app on your phone you can directly be accessible to the fashion icon through personal messages. So now that we know that Sonam was clearly not losing her mind but was preparing for this big day, let’s download her app and stay connected! You can download the app here.

Watch the video.