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India Bombay Hindi Bollywood DJ Dance Hip Hop Bhangra Remix Hot Songs Listen Free Online Download MP3 The Underground - Bombay (The Best Of What's Next)

An extraordinary album featuring songs by Bombay (Mumbai) Bollywood Underground  Bands and Singers. The choice of the songs in this album is excellent, and reflective of the current scene in Underground music creativity in the Megapolis of Bombay.

The songs and underground Bombay artists / bands in this album are:

1. Mandra Masitha / Gaurav Issar
 2. Son'eya / Hamza Faruqui
 3. Power To The People / Boy Snow Mountain
 4. MSV / Bliss Logic
 5. Rusty Tiger / Non Drivers
 6. Broken / Shaa'ir + Func
 7. More U Func    / Funcinternational
 8. Are Logon / Parwati Kumari
 9. Underground Frequencies / Nasha
10. Pehchan Kaun / DJ Tushqa

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