Television Celebrities Stand Up For Donation on World Blood Donor Day 2016

By Sia Agarwal

Indian Television Serial Actors for Blood Donation

June 14 - Voluntary unpaid blood donations must increase rapidly to meet 2020 goal. In more than half the world’s countries in order to ensure a reliable supply of safe blood for patients whose lives depend on it, WHO said. With the theme Blood connects us all Telly Celeb stands for donating blood.

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JAYA BATTACHARYA: Blood being an important agent for life is at times needed on a very urgent basis to save the same. I have gone through such instances of needing blood to save my father's life. It is our moral duty to help save lives and that can be achieved only when we healthy human beings donate blood to for safekeeping and usage during emergencies. It feels really good when we help others and always remember that some point or other in life we all need some help. Try this mode of helping and feel empowered.

ROOP DURGAPAL: Blood donation is an extremely noble cause and all healthy adults must do that. Its about saving lives and what can be bigger than that. Our blood banks are short of it several times, specially the rare blood groups. Hence people must be made aware of its importance. I would love to attend a blood donation camp soon and donate as my blood group is also a rare one. It may help someday someone in need.

MAHIKA SHARMA: Donating blood is important to fulfill the need of blood transfusion and blood products transfusion to the needed person anywhere. This campaign saves more than millions of lives annually and gives a natural smile on the face of blood receiver. Blood transfusion helps patients suffering from variety of life-threatening health conditions and stimulates them to live longer and quality life. It solves the lots of complex medical and surgical procedures all around the world. This campaign plays a great life-saving role for caring the women during pre and post pregnancy. I have been donating my blood once in every six month and I think everyone should.

RAHUL RAJ SINGH: Donated blood are used to save lives of severely anemic women, anemic kids, accident victims having excess blood loss, surgical patients, cancerous patients, thalassemia patients, people suffering from the hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, blood disorders, blood clotting disorders and many more. And I really understand the value of life now. So I am donating blood from this year.

PARINEETA BORTHAKUR : I really appreciate and respect people who donate blood, when my mom delivered my youngest sister, she was in a critical condition because her blood group was an uncommon one and she got saved only because of getting blood from someone.