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From the very childhood Sudipto was passionate about music, though he had never thought of composing tunes and lyrics. His mother was a talented sitarist. They had an old sitar in house which was lying idle. After graduating from high-school, he casually started learning sitar playing from his mother and started getting some of the real flavor of Indian classical music. He became amazed by the magic of 7 notes - sa re ga……just think, thousands and thousands of different tunes are created by the way of permutation & combination of these 7 major and a few minor notes only. Is not this amazing?

From then only he started thinking of composing songs….and ‘good’ certificate from the people around encouraged Sudipto to take it seriously. Since then till now Sudipto is the composer & lyricist of about 130 songs.

When Sudipto writes songs, the complex human nature and different ways human being see life, wrench him most. He believes everyone should enjoy life to the fullest in spite of having all the problems and complexities. And Sudipto cherishes most the beautiful feeling-‘love’. Love for everything and love for everyone and love for life. All these are expressed when he writes :

tomaye pelaam, jibon tomaye pelam,
Toamye pelaam ebong jotno kore
Lalon palon korbo thik korlaam
Aar tarpor,ja hobar tai holo
Jothariti shob bhule gelaam...

or ...

“tor kachhe mon chailaam diye geli na
Uthaal pathaal bhalobasha niye geli na”

The members of "Collage"

After passing of nearly 18 years through the hard days of life, the four - Sudipto, his better half - Poli - who is a qualified singer, and two of his music loving childhood friends - Nirmalya & Shubhrangshu, decided to form a group and started practicing. The group, which they initially called bangla gaaner dol, was named ‘Collage’ - and after a couple of years they started performing on stage. The next step was to make an album. They made it,named it "Collage 1", and got it released from P&M Music in December 2006 from Park Street Music World by famous Srabonti Majumder and Pt.Tanmay Bose. All the 10 songs in that album ware self composed. Sudipto and Collage have got very good feedback from music lovers all around and they are really happy with the creation.

"Collage 1" album cover.

5 years back from releasing "Collage 1", an album named "Phooler Jolshaghor" was released by Sudipto with 5 Jatileshwar Mukherjee's and 5 of his own compositions.

Anyway, when Sudipto started regular stage performance after releasing "Collage 1", he had to leave country to give enhancement to his professional career. But his creation has never stopped. and he has a keen desire and dream to work with music after he has retired from professional life.


Sudipto Banerjee currently resides in Seychelles.


Washington Bangla Radio presents clips from the songs from the album "Collage 1" featuring Sudipto Banerjee, published by P&M Music:

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