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For centuries, Bhajans (devotional songs) have served as means of communication with God through music. Embedded in the spirit of folk, these songs, simple in their lyrics, convey a deep sense of spiritualism. This rare collection of songs have been handed down through the rich musical tradition of India. Srikanta Acharya, the new Bengali singing sensation from India, for the very first time, performs this unique collection of Hindi Bhajans recorded with a distinctive array of musical instruments. This exclusive release is a must in any music collection.

Srikanto Acharya is a legend in Bengal for his Bangla Adhunik Gaan (Bengali Modern Songs) and Rabindra Sangeet.

The  fascinating songs in the Hindi Album Bhajans by Srikanta Acharya are:

Jo sukh hot gopalhi gaye (Lyric: Surdas)
Ankhiyan Hari darson ki pyasi (Lyric: Surdas)
Jo ham bhaley burey tau tere (Lyric: Surdas)
Man lago mero yaar (Lyric: Kabir)
Hamse jani lagai tu maya (Lyric: Malukadas)
Ab man Krishna Krishna kahi lijey (Lyric: Rani Rupkunwariji)
Re man Krishna nam kahi lijjay (Lyric: Surdas)
Naina bhaye anath hamare (Lyric: Surdas)
Mohi lagi lagan (Lyric: Meerabai)
Jaun kaha taj charan tumharey (Lyric: Tulsidas)

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