The Sonnalli Seygall - Priyanka Chopra Connection

By Krupa Sarup

Sonnalli Seygall

Mumbai, Jan 8 (Washington Bangla Radio) - While Priyanka Chopra has really made India proud yet again by winning the People’s Choice Award, there’s Sonnalli Seygall amongst others who can’t help falling in love with her. Being a former Miss India herself, Sonnalli admits that Priyanka is not only her favorite actress but also her favorite Miss India, till date.

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Sonnalli genuinely admires the senior actor and leaves no chance to express her love for Priyanka. In a recent interview too, when Sonnalli was asked about the hottest actress in Bollywood, in a split second she replied of how much she loved Priyanka Chopra. She said, “I just love that woman and everything about her. The best thing about her that she is forever driven.”

Priyanka was of course flooded with messages and tweets  by her fans and admirers congratulating her on the milestone achievement of winning the Pople's Choice Award. Sonnalli too, was one of them.

She tweeted, "N she wins the #PeoplesChoiceAwards Am more n more in love with this woman..powerhouse! More power n light to u @priyankachopra #proudindian" (sic)

Priyanka as well, being her gracious self replied to Sonnalli’s tweet.