Sonnalli Seygall Joins Emma Watson in United Nations "He For She" Campaign

By Krupa Sarup

Sonnalli Seygall - UN He For She Campaign

Mumbai, Jan 12 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Sonnalli Seygall who looked her usual stunning at elite Bollywood events like the Star Screen awards and Big Star Entertainment awards recently visited a college festival to inaugurate United Nations’ campaign ‘HeForShe’, a solidarity movement for Gender Equality. Sonnalli grew up in Kolkata, and has always been ready to jump into social causes. She recently met two acid attack victims in her home town that changed her life. The former Miss India International was rather delighted to be associated to the cause and made quite an effective statement to reach out to the college kids with her message.

Sonnalli Seygall's life-changing meeting with acid attack victims in hometown Kolkata

The campaign that was propagated by UN’s Goodwill manager Emma Watson, wants men and boys to come together to help end inequalities toward women and girls. Sonnalli visited the suburban college, from where the ‘HeForShe’ campaign was kick-started in India.

She addressed the issue in a casual and relatable manner for the students to connect with the crux of it. HeForShe also acknowledged and appreciated Sonnalli’s efforts on their digital platforms.

Sonnalli Seygall - UN He For She Campaign

“It’s always a pleasure to take a stand for what you truly believe in. Gender Inequality is indeed a very relevant matter in India, which women here often experience in their day-to-day lives. It’s high time we break through the traditional mindset and I am glad that the United Nations has raised this issue.”

Sonnalli Seygall - UN He For She Campaign

It was definitely a memorable visit as Sonnalli, since her Miss India days had a strong urge to be associated to the UN, and she is happy to have taken the first step to lend her support!