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Mr. Somnath Ghosh, songwriter-singer-guitarist of the band Junglee Guitar, has some friends who do not like to stay home for long. These friends love Somnath, and call him when they are ready with their backpacks. At the end of a long day of hiking and trekking, they sit and talk and laugh and sing. His guitar and songs are their constant source of delight. Sometimes the seaside, sometimes the hills, sometimes the forest ... made Somnath make the songs with simple rhythm tools they played for him.

Somnath Ghosh on WBRi Kolkata Radio The album "Long Drive" is the first effort by Junglee Guitar to actually record these songs of simple beauty. Along with Somnath who is the singer, songwriter and also plays the guitar, Junglee Guitar features Marco on the guitar and harmonica (and also whistles sometimes in accompaniment!). Junglee Guitar wish to thanks Supratim's Washington Bangla Radio to encourage their music making.

Washington Bangla Radio is proud to feature Mr. Somnath Ghosh and Marco with their Junglee Guitar band, and their first album "Long Drive". Here are clips of the songs from the album, which is published by Master Class.The songs are:

  • Chapramarir Jangale
  • Kolkata Sahar
  • Moyurkanthi
  • Sandkfoo
  • Diamond Harbor
  • The Tired Moon (Chaand Shobe)

EXCLUSIVE Washington Bangla Radio presentations of home practice recordings of the songs

  1. Dur Dwipa Bashini
  2. Altamira

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