SHORTCUT SAFAARI: An example of Shravan Kumar's Vision

Via Bollywood Trade

Shravan Kumar
Dr. Shravan Kumar

Mumbai, March 4 - CFSI CEO Dr. Shravan Kumar feels the release of Amitabha Singh's SHORTCUT SAFAARI will motivate independent filmmakers to approach CFSI in making meaningful child centric projects.

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The National Award winning DOP Amitabha Singh's film is a jungle adventure with undercurrents of parenting and nature, stars Jimmy Sheirgill in an important role. The movie which attempts to reconnect us with our Mother Nature was premiered at The National Children's Film Festival (NCFF), established by the Children's Film Society of India (CFSI) at the capital New Delhi.

Though CFSI has not funded the film, the movie has received CFSI patronage as the theme matches the vision set by Dr. Shravan Kumar.

Dr. Shravan Kumar is instrumental in CFSI thinking of optimizing cost of production and enhance profitability with strategic planning. The release of GATTU and GOOPI GAWAIYA BAGHA BAJAIYA previously are just an example.

Dr. Kumar is glad that SHORTCUT SAFAARI is getting a mainstream release and has assured CFSI support for such content in future.

“The release of SHORTCUT SAFAARI which was premiered at The National Children's Film Festival (NCFF), will attract more independent makers to approach us for films, we are planning 5 -6 films this year in collaboration with mainstream makers where the making of the film will be entirely in the hands of the producer. CFSI will be involved in selecting and fine tuning scripts and monitoring the production and post-production process,” said Dr. Shravan Kumar.

It seems Amitabha Singh's SHORTCUT SAFAARI is showing the right way - on screen and off screen - ‘naturally'.

Starring Jimmy Sheirgill in an interesting role along with a bunch of kids, SHORTCUT SAFAARI is all set to hit the screens on April 8, 2016