SHARMAN JOSHI as the Brand Ambassador of global movement Round Table India.

By Ankit Agarwal and Prerna Kothari

Sharman Joshi and Harmeet Singh Sethi (Area Chairman - Area 4) at the Press Conference for announcement of Brand Ambassador of global movement Round Table India
Sharman Joshi and Harmeet Singh Sethi (Area Chairman - Area 4) at the Press Conference for announcement of Brand Ambassador of global movement Round Table India

Kolkata, June 10 - Round Table India, the non-political and non-sectarian organization today afternoon announced and signed Mr. Sharman Joshi, Bollywood actor as their Brand Ambassador of global movement Round Table India at Novotel, Kolkata. The tie up and initiative was done by Calcutta Park Street Round Table India and Calcutta Park Street Ladies Circle India. The Press Conference was attended by: Sharman Joshi, Bollywood Actor; Mahesh Kedia, Chairman, Round Table 34; Harmeet Singh Sethi, Area Chairman - Area 4; Koonal Jain, Publicity Convenor - Round Table 34; Sandeep Harbhajanka, Area Vice Chairman-Area 4; Vivek Dalmia, Area Secretary & Treasurer - Area 4.

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Speaking about the event, Sharman Joshi, Bollywood Actor said, “In past 1 year I have met and performed for many RTI members all around India. The time, energy and work they do is unmatched. I feel so proud of these youthful members making schools and having the dream of Freedom Through Education. It is nice to be a brand ambassador of such a movement which is zero overhead and works on ground reality. I hope to promote such spirit and passion in all the Indians I meet.”

Addressing the media, Mr. Harmeet Singh Sethi said, Area IV Chairman & Immd Past Chairman CPRT34 said “RTI members are young entrepreneurs who retire at 40yrs of age. Sharman Joshi is the youth icon of many and has been associated to RTI for our Fund raising plays all around India. As a brand ambassador we are sure he will inspire the youth to contribute to the community and help in educating major Indian population.”

ABOUT ROUND TABLE INDIA: Round Table India (“RTI”) founded in the year 1962, is a not for profit and zero overhead organization of non-political and non-sectarian welcoming young men, aged between 18 and 40 to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National and International affairs providing a range of social and community service related opportunities especially “Freedom Through Education” program for the benefit of underprivileged children through the Fellowship of its members. Whereas, RTI has currently more than 200 Tables located in 76 cities and towns, comprising of businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and professionals, who can rise above personal concerns to seek and serve the larger needs of the community interalia including blood donation, providing potable water, Aids Awareness, Dental Hygiene, adoption and assisting orphaned children.

Whereas in the year 1996, RTI with a view to spread education, started adopting projects aimed at providing quality school infrastructure, and then in 1998 this project was formalized and thus born the National Project of Round Table India “Freedom Through Education” - In pursuit of educating underprivileged children; Since 1997, Round Table India under Freedom Through Education, has build 5108 Classrooms in 1811 Schools at a total Outlay of Rs 152.54 Crores impacting the education of 5.62 Million Children.