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A young Saikat Mitra started off his career in music by performing songs originally sung by his father Shyamal Mitra. Saikat Mitra started singing circa 1983,  and surprised stalwarts like Dhananjoy Bhattacharya, Hemanta Mukherjee and Suprava Sarkar by demonstrating his singing talent. In 1984, he started singing in Bengali Film Songs as a playback singer for the Bangla movie "Kenaram Becharam" singing his father's compositions in that Bangla Film.

In 1986, Sound Wing released four songs composed by Pranab Basu and performed by Saikat Mitra, followed by four more new songs and a few old live recordings of Shyamal Mitra released in an album by Music India in 1987.

Saikat Mitra signed up with HMV (now Saregama) during 1988 through 1993. During this time, he performed compostions of many great music directors, including Salil chowdhury, Hemanta Mukherjee, Bhupen Hazarika, Ajay Das, Mrinal Banerjee and  Anal chatterjee. Saikat Mitra even performed the theme song of the Hindi TV Serial "Charitraheen"composed by Salil Chowdhury.

Saikat Mitra was one of the founders of the record company "Gold Disc" in 1994, along with the singer Sivaji Chatterjee and Samar Nag. Gold Disc published many popular albums featuring new modern adhunik Bangla songs as well cover versions of old nostalgic Bengali songs, including the albums Hemanta Shraddhanjali and Shyamal Shraddhanjali. Saikat Mitra subsequently continued composing modern, popular and Bengali Film Songs, including songs for bengali movies Mishti Madhur, Bijoyee and Miss Mayetreyee.

Sagarika released the popular album "Kusum" in 2003 where Saikat Mitra composed tunes to the poetry of Sunil Gangapadhyay’s "Mon bhalo neyi". Sagarika also released the album "Chini Go Chini" featuring tagore songs performed by Saikat Mitra and V Balsara.

Since 2004, Saikat Mitra is a regularly published artist from Prime Music, and has given us wonderful songs like Jhiri Jhiri Brishti, Jodi Keyu Kache Ese and Tor Jonya.

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