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Birbhum, the land of red soil, brings us an unique and vibrant bouquet of Adhunik Bangla Gaan, with a flavour of composing and singing that is so distinct from the present trend.

Nilanjan Sen, in their first album Rupalir Canvasê brings a very different style of music composing, matched with a superb vocal talent of his wife Rupali Sen.

Hailing from Shantiniketan, Nilanjan describes, composing music had been a passion for him since an early age, with dreams to create something different, something less common. Few songs date back to his school days, and what we hear now, have come out of various making and breaking of these tunes over the years. Rupali, who is from Bakreshwar, has sound knowledge of Classical music as well as Rabrindra Sangeet. She had been a student from Vishwa Bharati University, and is currently pursuing classical music. They are both based at Bangalore presently.

Making of the album, was quite a big challenge for Rupali and Nilanjan. Finding an arranger who could feel and visualize their music on one hand, and arranging for finance on the other. "By God's grace" as Nilanjan exclaims with a glittering smile," I got a decent job, and met with my naughty, witty and highly talented music arranger, Bua" for whom A. R. Rehman is God. Being a die hard Rehman fan himself, is what gels them together.

Rupali-r Canvas, the endeavour, is like an artist, while stroking different colours on a white canvas, finds new idea and imagination to create something different and better as he lets loose his imagination to play with a riot of colours.

WBRi Kolkata Radio presents Rupali Sen and Nilanjan Sen and preview clips from their album Rupalir Canvasê, released by Prime Music.

The tracks are:

  • 01-Tor Agaman Ghire
  • 02-E Jiban Sagar
  • 03-Meghe Dhaka Dintaye
  • 04-Gagane Roj Dupur Jure
  • 05-Ei Ghuranta Banban Prithibi
  • 06-Rater Tara Hoye
  • 07-Tumi Chole Jabe
  • 08-Keo Ashbe Bole

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