Rockstar Manasi Scott Hits the "HIGH" Note

By Krupa Sarup

Manasi Scott - High

Mumbai, Jan 7 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Manasi Scott set the mood with her international dub-step hit, ‘HIGH’, at the sixth anniversary of Artist Aloud at Hard Rock Cafe last night. The power-packed singer released a live edit of the track and enthralled the audience with her enigmatic performance on this occasion.

Manasi Scott rocks south Mumbai

Talking about the song that is very close to her heart, Manasi said,  "High is a song I wrote to inspire people to literally get high on life and music. I wrote it to inspire myself to walk away from negativity. Music certainly heals. Writing and composing High was actually quite the journey into myself!!"

Manasi Scott - High

Manasi was the very first artist who was signed by Artist Aloud. The distribution platform has always strived towards giving individual artists a platform to showcase their talent.  On their sixth anniversary, Manasi, along with other artists including Luke Kenny, Suneeta Rao, Indiva put up one of the most multifaceted gigs that have taken place in recent times.

The evening further proceeded with a rib-ticking stand-up followed by all the artists and audience present hitting the dance floor. The musical night was certainly a memorable night which indeed ended on a HIGH note!

Watch the music video specially created for Manasi’s Artist Aloud Fans. Its her dedication to all the music festivals in the world: