RHYTHM (Hindi Film): Meet Indian-American Danseuse Rinil Routh as She Croisés into Bollywood

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Rinil Routh
Rinil Routh

Mumbai, Jan 16 - Rinil Routh is a remarkable dancer. Formally trained in Indian Classical Kathak under Pandit Birju Maharaj, Routh is also accomplished in Hip Hop, Contemporary and Street Jazz Dance, having trained with the Broadway Dance Center, W 45th Street, New York City.

Being multi-talented, Routh is the natural choice for a foray into Bollywood Hindi films for writer-director Vivek Kumar with her upcoming film Rhythm.

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For the lead role of Avantika, Rhythm required an accomplished trained dancer with acting prowess. Routh fits the bill perfectly.

Talking about the leading lady of his new Hindi movie, Vivek Kumar said, “I chose Rinil for the role purely because she had all the qualities I was looking for in the character of Avantika. Rinil is a true Indian at heart but being based in New York she had the right attitude required for the role. Apart from being a fantastic actor, she is a trained dancer. This helped me extract very good work from her as the role of Avantika is a very difficult one."

Rinil Routh
Rinil Routh

"Since my film is based in an International University, I wanted to choose actors, who were actually from different parts of the world to give more authenticity to all of the characters in the film and as luck would have it, everything just fell into place," added Kumar.

With her amazing skills, this debutante is ready to take Bollywood by storm.

Rhythm is a romantic musical presented by R. N. Kumar and produced by Vivek Kumar. Acclaimed Pakistani actor-singer Adeel Chaudhry, also a Bollywood film debutante, is the co-star of Rinil Routh. The film has an official release date of 19th February.