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A raga is a series of five or more musical notes on which a melody is made. In the Indian Classical Music traditions, Ragas have been composed to mark different times of the day or the seasons. Two distinctive sub-genres of Indian Classical are Hindustani (North Indian) and Carnatic (South Indian).

Discover and learn all about the great heritage of one of the oldest musical traditions of human civilization - the South Asian / Indian Classical Music tradition. You can listen free to samples online and download classical songs, music, vocal and instrumental records and CDs from the new web site Shastriya.com. In the meanwhile, we recommend the following selection of books which you may want to buy and read from our  online Bookstore:

Ragas of Northern Indian Musi by Alain Danielou

Dhrupad: Tradition and Performance in Indian Music (Soas Musicology) (Soas Musicology) Dhrupad: Tradition and Performance in Indian Music (Soas Musicology) (Soas Musicology

101 Raga-s for the 21st Century and Beyond: A Music Lover's Guide to Hindustani Music - by Haresh Bakshi

Elementary North Indian Vocal Elementary North Indian Vocal
Authors: David Courtney, David R. Courtney, Chandrakantha N. Courtney

Intro to South Indian Music Introduction to South Indian Music
Author: Charlie Mariano

The Ragas of Early Indian Music: Modes, Melodies, and Musical Notations from the Gupta Period to c. 1250 (Oxford Monographs on Music) by Richard Widdess

Ragas and Raginis: A Pictorial and Iconographic Study of Indian Musical Modes Based on Original Sources (Rep. 2005, Deluxe Ed) by O. C. Gangoly

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