Rabindrasangeet | Aguner Parashmani | Rabindranath Tagore translation by Barnali Saha

Aguner Parashmoni
Lyrics & Music by Rabindranath Tagore
Translation by Barnali Saha, Nashville, Tennessee

Painting by Barnali Saha

Light My Soul with Thy Holy Flame

      Bless my life

      Bless my life with thy warmth 

      With thy holy hand uplift my body

      Make thy me the flame of thy holy alter

       The incessant flame would brighten, the day and night

      Light my soul with thy holy flame. 

      Thy holy hand touch the dark hour

      Twinkling stars beget in your holy bower

      The eternal darkness fade thy from the blinking eye

      And see thy light in the darkest alcove where thy light might lie

      My pain, my darkness my sadness would burn in thy holy flame 

      Light my life with thy holy flame.

      Bless my life.

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