Playboy setting shop in India, Indo-Americans critical

PLAYBOY ONLINE MAGAZINE SALEPlayboy Enterprises, known for its adult magazine for men “Playboy”, is reportedly planning to launch its accessories, apparel, etc., in India by year end “targeting young adults”, and Indo-Americans are skeptical, calling it “crude westernization”.

Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, while welcoming trade opportunities between India and the West, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that reckless flooding of Indian markets with Western icons and trends would lead society away from traditional value system. West had lot of wonderful things to offer but everything Western was not always good.

Zed, who is chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, argued that India belonged to an ancient civilization with certain set of norms and we were proud of that. Crude westernization was not the correct path to take as everything Western was not always right and appropriate for societies like India.

Rajan Zed pointed out that just for plain mercantile greed, we should not attempt to destroy the age old traditions, moral standards and value system with the irrelevant arguments of “keeping with the times”, “globalization”, etc.

Headquartered in Chicago (USA),  adult entertainment company Playboy Enterprises Inc. also develops, produces, acquires and distributes a wide range of adult programming for television networks; has a range of adult-movie channels; its Playboy Radio offers 24-hour sexy listening alternative; publishes 26 different editions of Playboy magazine; etc. It runs a Playboy Club Casino and a nightclub in Las Vegas and three such venues are under development in Macau (China), Latin America, and South Beach which will allow customers to “experience the Playboy lifestyle”.

Playboy’s website tagline on search engines is: - Sex, Sexy Women, Hot Girls, Nude Women, Naked Pics ...SUBSCRIBE TO PLAYBOY MAGAZINE - You can have the sexy girls of Playboy delivered right to you! One can join its Cyber Club to see nude Kama Sutra videos and photos.

Playboy monthly magazine was launched in 1953 with borrowed $600 and currently claims a readership of over 15 million. It also publishes about 25 thematic-based special pictorial editions annually, like Playboy’s Lingerie, College Girls, and Fresh Faces. Its men’s website, which expands on the heritage of print magazine, claims to get over four million visitors monthly. Hugh M. Hefner is Editor-in-Chief and Scott N. Flanders is Chief Executive Officer of this international multimedia company. 

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