Pamela Jain | Jhum Jhum Raat Ti Namey | Lata Mangeshkar Remix in Bengali | Preview Free and Download Bangla MP3 Songs Online

Pamela Jain | Zum Zum Ratree Naame | Free Preview | Download MP3 Bengali Bangla Songs Online Pamela Jain sings foot-tapping Bangla Remix songs - covers of Lata Mangeshkar Bangla Modern Songs -  in "Zum Zum Raatee Naame (Bengali Songs)" which will appeal to pop music listeners. The album Jhoom Jhoom Raat-ti Name (Venus Records and Tapes) are remix cover versions of classic nostilgia eliciting Adhunik Bangla Gaan - Bengali Modern Songs - by Lata Mangeshkar. The songs in the Album Jhum Jhum Raat Ti Naame are:

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