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We present Saikat Banerjee and his new Bangla Band Oorja, and present Oorja's first album Bewarish Ghuri.

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Here are the songs (preview) from the first album by OORJA: "BEWARISH GHURI"

A Banker by profession,a post-graduate degree in science and business management and an ardent music lover, Saikat Banerjee has an uncanny knack of reaching out to his listeners through music.He believes that music is the easiest way to bypass cultural and language barriers and convey a message on a global scale. Composing music and writing his own songs started off as a hobby . More of a relaxation after a strenuous day at office. Gradually as the quality and the quantity of his compositions improved , he was goaded by his family and friends to take up music more seriously and think of releasing an album.

Debashis Sinha Roy (Left) and Saikat Banerjee (Right) of Oorja.

The journey starts here. There were friends and musicians who would readily give their comment on how to improve and work on the nuances... probably this helpful attitude ( at least in terms of music) comes naturally to Bengalis. He spent over a year in Delhi where he learnt the basics of sound recording and set up a studio at home. What followed next were late night session at his home studio, laying down tracks and working on the sound. Weekends and holidays were largely spent confined into this small room. Musical instruments and recording stuff gadgets strewn all over the floor.The result of all this madness is what we are seeing today... Oorja.

Oorja was formed with Debashis on the lead guitar and Pramod on the bass, and with a lot of encouragement from his family and another mad character sitting in another continent nicknamed "Dadu". Incidentally all these blokes were part of a music band during their college days at Jadavpur University and the association dates back to over 15 years. So they understood each other well and probably it is this chemistry which helped the members of the band to communicate with each other at the same wavelength.

Oorja's compositions have a large variety in terms of treatment of sound. Probably, that is what make the sound unique. Heavily influenced by various genres of western music – Rock, Reggae, Blues and also contemporary Indian music, Oorja's sound has a distinct identity. My compositions depend on my mood says Saikat, whenever I am happy or feeling blue I guess the mood gets reflected in my sound. His songs talk of love, problems and issues in day-to-day life and and upholds the general facets of life in general. He does not intend to change the world through his songs. He is happy if his songs of life give 4 minutes of enjoyment to a heavy heart. Oorja wants to convey one message to all their listeners.... life is the most precious gift we have. So enjoy life to the fullest and don't worry !!

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