Nisha Rawal Strums the Guitar

By Krupa Sarup

Nisha Rawal Unplugged

Mumbai, Jan 13 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Nisha Rawal’s charitable cover of A.R Rahman’s ‘Choti Si Asha’ was received well in the digital realm. The gorgeous actress has over 400 commercials to her credit, and has certainly found her calling in music and is giving it all she has got.

Rawal’s inclination to music is a very serious one and she has been religiously training her vocal chords to take it a notch above. Apart from that, she has also been learning how to play the guitar and is totally loving it.

Nisha Rawal releases new cover music video "Choti Si Asha" for Childrens Day

She is extremely focused  and is leaving no stone unturned to excel in what she’s doing. She believes in constantly learning and is making the most of all the knowledge that is coming her way.

“I am really enjoying this phase and I feel that I am back to school where all my focus is only to grasp as much as I can. Learning the guitar is something that I always fancied and I am glad my life has taken such a musical turn. I am just trying my best to make the most of this and everything else has taken a backseat.” said an excited Nisha.