Nazrulgeeti | Purabi Dutta | Songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam | Sedin Chilo Ki Godhuli Lagan | Rare Collectible Audio Cassette

Nazrulgiti | Purabi Dutta

Sedin Chilo Ki Godhuli Lagan is a very rare Nazrulgiti album by Purobi Datta in the form of audio cassette with extremely limited availability and is a collector's item.

This cassette contains 13 wonderful Nazrul Islam songs by Purabi Dutta:

1. Mukhe Keno Nahi Balo
2. Keno Ashile Bhalo Bashile
3. Eso Bandhu Phire Eso
4. Ahar Deben Tini
5. Bakul Champar Bane
6. Reshmi Churir Sinjinite
7. Kato Katha Chilo Balibar
8. Dolono Champa Bane
9. Bel Phool Ene Dao
10. Chander Moto Nirabe
11. Kholo Kholo Go Duar
12. Sedin Chilo Ki Godhuli Lagan
13. Pathahara Pakhi Kende Fere
14. Kabar Jia Rate Tumi

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