Na Aana is Des Laado - Hindi TV Serial on Indian COLORS Television Channel

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Na Ana Is Des Lado - Poster

Na Ana Is Des Lado is a recent TV Serial on COLORS Channel in India with episodes aired Monday to Thursday at 10:30 PM. The drama show raises the issue of the prevalent preferential treatment of male children in vast swaths of India. Female infanticide is a real occurrance in India even today, and recent introduction of sonogram machines has only made matters worse, in spite of a legal ban on usage of information on the sex of the baby before birth. Even educated professional people are known to participate in this evil practice with doctors who do it for money.

The caption of the serial is "No girl should be born in the village" and the story revolves around the zero-tolerance policy for girl children in the village and a young lady doctor's fight against the resultant homicide crimes being committed.

The cast includes Meghna Malik (Ammaji), Natasha Sharma (Sia), Aditya Reddies (Raghav Singh Sangwan) and others. Visit the Colors TV official web-site for complete character sketches.

Watch the title and a promo-trailer of Na Aana Iss Des Laado online via You Tube:

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