MURARI The Mad Gentleman: ASRANI duped by Govind Pathak

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Fake Tantrik in MURARI: The Mad Gentleman.
Fake Tantrik

Mumbai, Mar 4 - Actor Govind Pathak has carved a niche for himself by playing slightly quirky and cunning characters in the films like I ME AUR MAIN, HEROPANTI, KILL DILL, CITYLIGHTS, GUDDU KI GUN. From a forged certificate seller in Ranveer Singh’s KILL DILL to a construction caretaker and agent in Rajkummar Rao’s CITYLIGHTS, Govind quite enthralled us. And now the actor is ready to amuse us to the hilt with his ‘fake tantrik’ character in the upcoming film MURARI: The Mad Gentleman.

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Says Govind and elaborates a bit about his character and set up of the film “I am playing a negative character in MURARI – a thug, a fake tantric, who dupes and cheats people. The film is set in a village. Asrani is a playing ‘mukhiya’ (chief of the village) and people often go to him with their problems. So, when Asrani comes to this fraud performing fake Tantra, to seek some solution, the latter also makes fool of him.”

Ask about sharing screen space with a veteran actor like Asrani and Govind says, “When I am on the film sets, I never think about stars.  I just concentrate on my roles.  I don’t think whether it’s Asrani ji or Prakash Raj or Ranveer Singh, it makes any difference.”

He adds, “It was a great fun working with Asrani. I am very fortunate to share screen space with him. Asrani ji has been very co-operative. He is very spontaneous and energetic in his work. Despite being such a great star, he never threw tantrums or showed his ego. The best quality about him is that he keeps improvising.”

On a parting note, Govind Pathak assures MURARI to be the most hilarious film that will have everyone in splits along with a strong message to take back home.