Movie The Red Line

"The Red Line" is a Feature Film directed by Satyajit Majumder, which revolves around the story of  Shankar (the protagonist) a renowned scriptwriter of the Bengali film industry. 

Shankar after facing a heartbreak by his girlfriend Amrita who used him to climb up the hierarchy ladder of her career starts writing a story on The Red Light area. 

Thereon after the protagonist meets with a prostitute named Babita aka Brishti via a pimp and begins to write a story on her life.  Brishti reveals him her heartbreaking story where he realizes She is a victim of unfortunate situational circumstances and subsequently finds out that he is involved in it. 

The story ends with a bittersweet ending where Shankar realises that all in life cannot be changed with his own will and subsequently leaves the city without completing his script. 

The film raises the pertinent question of individual behavior and longings and their will to cope with them and generates awareness regarding the people of The Red Light area who lead a harsh life who also have emotions and could have lived a joyful life if they wouldn't have been a victim of situational circumstances.

The Red Line is produced by Naba Uday Films & Telefilms.

This movie is directed by Mr. Satyajit Majumder and music was directed by Mr. Kundan Saha. The Cinematographer of The Red Line is Mr. Debasis Sarkar and Mr. Bidyut Paul. The movie was edited by Mr. Chiranjit Ghosal.

Poster of the movie "The Red Line" is set to release in the month of January 2018 and below is the link of movie trailer,

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