Mohsin Mortaba - Bengali Folk with European Dance Fusion

Kazi Nazrul Islam

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Mohsin Mortaba (born at Jesorre in Bangladesh) is a singer of Bengali songs. His repertoire consists of the compositions of Tagore, Kazi Nazrul, film songs, his own compositions with the lyrics written by himself and complex variations of the south asian classical music.World's musical critics his composition queues to genre as world music.

Mohsin Mortaba has performed in more than 250 concerts all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy. His songs have been being broadcasted by several radios from Europe, America and Asia.Many many times documentary about his concert and ordinary life in the Czech Republic was made by the Czech Television and showed in several television programmes. In September of 2001 he began to work with a well-known Czech group Hypnotix Mohsin Mortaba gives concerts on his own or accompanied by a pianist, with tabla and harmonium. Together with Zden?k Král he also founded a group called Bandha. The masterly singing of Mohsin Mortaba touches your level of the subconscious and offers you an unforgettable experience.

Washington Bangla Radio is honored to feature Mr. Mohsin Mortaba's unique album Bashonto.

Boshonto is an ambitious project of Mohsin Mortaba and Zdebek Kral, bringing fresh air to the world-pop music scene. It features a non-traditional combination of Bengali melodies with European Dance music, with overtones of Jazz and Melodic rock.

Here are clips from the tracks from Mohsin Mortaba's Boshonto, exclusively on Washington Bangla Radio.

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