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Your cell phone is a sophisticated device capable of playing snippets of songs and music recordings of your choice when your device needs your attention, like when someone calls you, sends you a text SMS message or a MMS message, e-mails you are the alarm clock goes off.

You have the ability to download these sound recording snippets and assign these to specific kinds of notifications as a part of customizing the sounds used on your mobile phone. This is another feature typically unavailable on land-line POTS telephones, for some of which your options are limited to selection from a very limited set of ring patterns which, for example, help in distinguishing one handset from others in a multi-handset cordless home land-line phone system.

In the world of cellular phone, NTT DoCoMo was the first in 1996 to offer customizable ring tones on NEC Digital Mova N103 Hyper handsets via choice from a few built-in MIDI music recordings. in MIDI format. Later on in the same year, Denso's Digital Minimo D319 available through IDO's (now au) service became the first mobile phone to have a user-entered ringtone feature but the user had to actually play the song which the phone memorized.

It would be two years before Finland's Radiolinja (now Elisa) offered their Harmonium service feature using which users could both record their own songs by playing them or have pre-recorded songs delivered by SMS to their mobile handset. (Information source: Wikipedia).

Today Ringtones have become extensions of avid cell-phone users in that they often make a statement about the owner of the phone as much as the phone itself.

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