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WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing LinkThe MISSING LINK is a popular and very talented bangla band from Chandernagore in eastern India (they sing in Bengali as well as Hindi and English). Mostly they do a kind of sound that they call "world rock" which is a mix cult of blues, classic rock, new-age rock and Indian Root Music. Their first album "Missing Link" was released in 2004.The Missing Link were awarded the Best Upcoming Bangla Band in 2006.

WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing LinkWashingtonBanglaRadio.com Exclusive Unpublished Compositions by The Missing Link from the 1998 through 2003 period.: These songs were contributed to WBRi by RUDRA SARKAR, vocalist and guitarist of The Missing Link. The songs are:

  • (Old) Nistaranga
  • biswasghatak - biswasghatak
  • jhalse - jhalse
  • khoniker kachhe asha - khoniker kachhe asha
  • Kichu - Katha
  • maatite paa diona tumi - maatite paa diona tumi
  • magajer - pushti
  • misti - misti
  • raat - kaatena
  • rang - chilo
  • samay - samay
  • Utsarga - Utsarga


Missing Link: Missing Link (first album) - preview and available for purchase:

WashingtonBanglaRadio.com Exclusive video of The Missing Link performing Live at Bidhannagar College, Salt Lake, Calcutta on Christmas Eve December 24, 2006:



The Missing Link published their second Studio Album 'Kaktarua' (Asha Audio) in 2008.These exclusive WashingtonBanglaRadio.com pictures are from the launching of the album Kaktarua on 10th May, 2008 at the Planet-M music store in Calcutta:

Video of Kaktarua by The Missing Link, uploaded at Youtube by Rudra:

Songs (40-second clips) from the album Kaktarua. The CD is available from Asha Audio.

  • Amra Harina
  • Brishti
  • Brishti Part-2
  • Ekti Gaan
  • Kaaktarua
  • Kritodashi Maa
  • Manab Doot
  • Noshto Meye
  • Pichiye Porona
  • Wrong Number


WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing Link RUDRANEEL:

Birth Day: 2nd August

Originally the band was founded by Rudraneel, Pritam(the ex-lyricist), Anjan(the ex-keyboardist), Amlan(ex- unit manager),Tintin(the ex-keyboardist) and Rajshekhar(the ex-drummer) in the year 1997. Finally a steady set up is known to be “The Missing Link” since 2002.

It was never easy to maintain a band for Rudraneel being a suburban person. Especially when all the band members were gradually being consistent to make their personal career, Rudraneel had to sacrifice a lot. It was against the all odds, he found himself very much comfortable with his dream band! In fact he sacrificed his personal career and made music his prime profession.

Residing at Bimal Kunja, Circus Math, Chandannagar, Hooghly, the official address has become the rehearsal room of his band. Rudraneel has taken his part as the lyricist, vocalist lead-guitarist and as a composer. After winning the title of Band-E-Mataram-II organized by SAMBAD PARATIDIN, the family members, friends and the neighbors have become more supportive towards him.

Love, Jealousy, Egos, Frustration, Environmental Pollution, and Politics all these matters have taken part into the compositions of Rudraneel as the band member. Different genre of music, especially the Indian form of Classical and Folk music, Western Classical, Blues, Rock, etc has helped to compose the songs.

WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing Link SWAPAN:


Birth Day: 12th January

Presently the senior most band member started his band career in the year 2002. His main profession is being a professional Artist. Playing Tabla is his prime subject. He used to play in the commercial songs of “Manna Dey” with a local Artist those days before joining the band. Later he was introduced to Rudraneel on a tour to Delhi in Pujas of 2001.
Swapan is performing Conga, Tabla and various percussions and as a back vocalist of this band. He is known to be the most encouraging, pleasant, friendly and most sacrificing nature amongst the rest band members. He sacrificed his roll in that big event of BAND-E-MATARAM as per band needed through out the period of competition.

Residing at: Peyara Bagan, Hooghly.

WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing Link VICTOR:


Birth Day: 10th July

Victor is known to be one of the most dedicated band members. Before joining the band he was also a commercial musician like Swapan. When the band started to reconstruct he was in front of everyone to prove himself for this. Very interesting to say that he did everything even to leave a number of jobs previously, but was very poor to produce intelligent music! He was not learning and practicing properly. Later he was introduced to a very good teacher who started guiding him in proper way. And now, Victor is proving himself to be one of the most wanted musicians amongst the rest.

Victor is the Keyboardist of his band. He is a very stylish man on stage. Being an intelligent man he is very soft spoken and simple too.

Residing at: Purashree, Chandannagar.

WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing Link BITTU:

Full Name: Satyajit Mukherjee.

Birth Day: 25th December.

Bittu is a musician by born. From the very childhood he used to play Congas with his brother-in-law’s commercial band and became a popular most musician at that age. His family had every support for his music except the monetary help. Due to acute financial crisis he could not approach any teacher for musical guidance. Somehow he made his graduation in the year 2002 and decided to make music a profession. After that he started learning drums.

In the late 2003 he was introduced to Rudraneel and convinced to join the band. Bittu was always trying to innovate something in music, which helped him a lot to produce good music here. After the death of his father in the year 2007, he has become the only earning member of his family and practicing hard to create history.

Residing at: Kapas Danga, Hooghly

WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing Link CHIRO

Full Name: Chirantan Das

Birth Day : 15th June

In the beganing of the year 2003 Chirantan went to talk to Rudraneel to learn guitar. Within a year he proved to be the most successful student of Rudraneel. At that time, in the Puja’s of 2004, Missing Link had a previous bassist who accidentally failed to perform in the concert, Chiro was appear to perform the bottom string chords of his guitar to manage the show successfully. After that Chiro began the start his musical career as the bassist of The Missing Link.

After his father’s sudden unemployment, Chiro had to fine a job to support his family economically in 2006. Due to the he could not perform with his band during the time of “Band-e-Mataram-II”. For the reason of frustration he left his job and got back to join his team mates again after the “Band-e-Mataram-II”. Recently, he has joined that company again with the condition being an active member of his band.

Residing at: Fatakgora, Chandannagar


WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing Link Full Name: Abhinandan Bhattacharya

Birth Day : 1st June

When The Missing Link was in a flow of their concerts in the year 2004, Arup, the vocalist suddenly got a respective job. Everyone was finding that important replacement including Arup of his own for his band. Abhi was font of Bittu, who got connected with this band then. He was awaited in fornt of the stage performance of Arup more than eight months! During these times he prepared himself to be the most wanted vocalist an eye catching performer of the band. In “Band-e-Mataram-II” he hypnotized all the judges and spectators with his marvelous performance and body language.

Residing at: Kasaripara, Sahaganj, Hooghly

WashingtonBanglaRadio.com - The Missing Link RUDRA

Full Name: Rudra Sarkar

Birth Day : 22nd August

Rurda is a very talented and studious boy from a well educated musical family. His father used to be a professional singer. He grew up in a complete musical environment and joined the band as vocalist-guitarist almost after Abhi’s joining the band. A quality voice with ample melody and spontaneous benign a harmony vocal, his is also a very good composer. At the same time, being a B.E. he works for his company situated near by his town, he contributes a lot enthusiasm for his band.

Residing at: Naihati, North 24 Pargona

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