Meet Bros all set to rock India with their latest single PARTY ANIMALS

By Krupa Sarup

Meet Bros - Party Animals (Single)

Mumbai, May 7 - Meet Bros are all geared up to release one of the most rocking party numbers of the season. The dynamic duo have all their energies focussed on releasing this single titled ‘Party Animals. The song is touted as one of the most expensive Indian videos ever produced, it revolves around the brothers being kidnapped by glamorous girls, who want them to get the party started.

Meet Bros and Khushboo Grewal Rock College in Gandhinagar

Watch Party Animals Video Teaser - Meet Bros, Poonam Kay, Kyra Dutt, Bosco (T-Series)

The idea struck them last year at singer Tulsi Kumar’s wedding. In the video, we get to see a bevy of beauties thronging the boys, who shot at a virgin location in Thailand. We had a sneak peek at the teaser and we have to say the Mad Max: Fury Road-inspired sequences are exceptionally good.

Planned by creative director Rajesh Pandey and shot by Bosco (of Bosco-Caesar), Manmeet tells us they went with a party song because that’s what people most relate with them. “It was an easy enough hook. Besides it’s a very commonly used term. But mark our words, it will be a little different from our usual hit tracks and will be a slower party track with a different sound.”

Meet Bros with Manager Bipin Grewal at Madison Square Garden (WBRi File Photo)

In fact, the entire experience was quite easy for them, given their past as actors and in fact, says Harmeet, “We showed the video to our producer buddies Anthony D’souza (Azhar) and Gaurang Doshi (Aaankhen 2) and they said they wanted to make films, starring us. So yeah, we have two acting offers, even before this video has released.’

Kyra Dutt (Calendar Girls and Ekta Kapoor’s XXX) features in the video. Explains Manmeet, “The video needed a hot performer. And Kyra looks absolutely stunning in Party Animal as the queen of the hot glam kidnappers. She tells us to do what we do best. And what we do best is make people dance. And she gets cosy with us.’

Releasing on May 9 and presented by T-Series, the Bros are going all out to promote their soon-to-release single.