Meet "BHUTU" - the five-year old innocent girl fighting for family values as an invisible lovable ghost (Bengali TV Serial)

Via Neel B Mitra

Bhutu the friendly bengali ghost



Mischievous, full of life with colored smeared on her face loved to scare others  Now she lives in her home all alone  …yet to realize that she is  just a cute little invisible ghost.

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She builds her hopes as she boasts of growing up, of not being scared of being left alone in the dark. Only that she misses her mother’s care, grandmother’s fussiness, her Uncle Aunts and dearest Dada and Bhai and wants to re unite with them.

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She innocently dashes up to the door with every knock to welcome but finds the visitors get spooked . The trick works once in awhile and Bhutu finds company of different tenants.

The Story revolves around the house and Bhutu (played by a six-year old child actress Aarshiya) and the families, couples who rent it for short stays. Bhutu soon realizes that she is only visible to people who possess a good heart and eventually who she likes to communicate with. She often uses intends to set things right and unknown to her, her magical powers sorts out problems. As innocent as she is   she goes all out to help others in every way possible.

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“BHUTU’S search for that perfect family members , a mother figure, a brother, an Aunt forms the crux of this emotional comedy. She finds joys as she tries to discover relationships that were once dear to her. Her search lands herself and her benefactors in hilarious situations and creates pure joy and laughter to build an element of magic reality.

“BHUTU” – is not a ghost story per say, it is magical, humane and evokes a sense of values in family bonding.

It is full of mischief yet emotional.

It is comic as well as sensitive.

“BHUTU” breaks the line between real and surreal in the most innocent way.


Moving away from the clutter of Saas Bahu complexities and romantic rendezvous, “BHUTU”  the upcoming Bangla TV serial brings forth a five-year old innocent ghost protagonist whose  belief in family bonding, relentless and intelligent solutions and never-give-up attitude about relationships is a light-hearted Comedy.

Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt Ltd, “BHUTU” will come into our lives in a new Bengali TV serial premiering 14th of March, 9 PM India time on ZEE BANGLA TV Channel broadcast from Kolkata.