Manasi Scott: The 5 Coolest Things She Said Recently

By Krupa Sarup

Manasi Scott

An Enigmatic Performer, A Sensational Voice, A Powerhouse of Talent & A Doting Mother - Manasi Scott is one hell of a fierce woman and undeniably one of the most admirable performers of the current times. In a recent interview, the songstress without any hesitation answered everything she was asked about.  Her are the 5 ‘Coolest Things’ she said.

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Music Is My Soul & Fashion is My Passion

With this amazing one-liner, she further explains, “I think it comes from the fact that I love being on stage because it just lets you be so many different personas. One day you can just be a pretty girl, buy some skirts and some pretty tops. You want to be a rockstar, you can do something edgy. Fashion plays a huge role in the way I present myself on screen and onstage”.

Manasi’s fashion sense has always been the talk of the town and she surely swears by it.

I LOVE Chris Martin

“Chris Martin… Chris Martin… Chris Martin..”

The actress raved about Chris Martin like a teenager. “Chris Martin has really come into his own and now that he’s single, he's going to find me and when our eyes connect it's going to happen!” said Manasi, with a twinkle in her eyes.

"A duet!!! What were you thinking?"

One smile from him and all my troubles disappear

Not many might know, Manasi has a 9-year-old son- Zephan - and she has been bringing him up single handily. Talking about struggle, Manasi spoke about the magic of seeing her child grow up every day and how all her stress just fades away with just one smile from him. She adds, “I heard something beautiful recently - that a good parent or a good teacher takes you to the lesson but doesn't teach it to you....the master will let you learn for yourself and that's what being a ‘good’ parent boils down to, I guess!

SEX PERSAY is entirely your choice

Manasi Scott

Talking about the Deepika Padukone’s controversial video, Manasi said that the video is about "choice" and less about ‘sex outside marriage’. She pointed out that there are a certain kind of people, who have sex outside of marriage so why make such a big deal out of that one line of the script?! She continues, “It's entirely your choice… thats the !! Somebody has the guts to say it on video and everybody is up and arms about it. COUPLES have broken the vows they had taken during their marriage, are having sex outside marriage but someone says it openly is suddenly looked down upon. What you do with your body, mind or your voice.. IS entirely your choice”

There should be a march for SEX

Manasi also reveals that she would love to be born in the time of Kamasutra and Khajuraho. She explains, "We were such an open society at one time but I guess we were not India. We were different kingdoms  with different people. No person, no government and no authority should gave the right to tell you what you can or cannot do with your body. Rather than all these protests and getting together for ‘righteous causes’, I think we should all just march for the simple freedoms that are our personal right- Like Sex!” she laughs.

Understanding that speaking her mind can get her into trouble she THEN SAID jokingly, “They are going to ban me for this and I am going to be trolled on the internet!”

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