Mahika Sharma: What You Did Not Know About the Miss Teen Northeast

By Subham Sharma

Mahika Sharma [WBRI]

  1. Like most Bollywood actresses, Mahika started her career as a model, she won Miss Teen Northeast and Face of Bismoi at Assam. She also walked at Lakme Fashion Week.
  2. Mahika’s favourite colour is Purple and she is fond of deep shades.
  3. Mahika is an animal lover. She love having animals and birds as pets.
  4. Mahika wants to date Ranveer Singh
  5. Ajay Devgn is Mahika Sharma’s favourite Bollywood actor.
  6. Amazingly her first crush was her social science teacher. When she was in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Tinsukia doing her acadmics.
  7. Before her performance Mahika make sure to watch Kajol's movie or acting. Mahika is biggest fan of her.
  8. Mahika was born in Tinsukia Assam, her mother is a homemaker and her father was running ayurvedic medical store. Mahika’s elder sister is a fashion Disigner.
  9. Mahika Sharma openly admits she is an attention seeker. Once saying the following in an interview, “”I might not look good but I am happy the way I am. I am not worried about what people talk about me but happy that they do talk. Every actor is an attention-seeker. If I don’t seek attention, I will not be doing my work well,”.
  10. Mahika has won hearts of Assam. Being social worker she is trying to showcase assamese trends and culture all over.

Mahika Sharma's Winter Fashion Tips

That concludes our 10 facts about Mahika Sharma.